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Hi I am a little bit confused in purchasing Maruti Wagon-R LXI or Hyundai i10 Era. Can you guys please suggest which would be a better option in terms of Cost, Milage and maintenance. I am planning to buy in next 10 days. My average running is 100kms per week.
By Jattin 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Considering overall performance, power , features, onroad price.WagonR LXI will be a better selection than i10 Era.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

i thnk u should buy wagon r lxi that is wid gas kit it will be suitable for u ,bcoz ur average run is 100 kms per week so it will be better to have wagon r bcoz it has great speed and comfort as well fuel saver so my advise is wagon r ....if u prefer i10 than i20 is better than i10...but wagon r is d best

Answer by Ekta Gaikwad 03 March 2009

If you need good space and tried and tested engine with good performance go for Wagon R Duo. I10 is refined vehicle with excellent performace but with a bit cruched space.

Try both vehicles 2-3 times and decide as per your first hand experience. You will not face any problem with either of the vehicles.

Answer by Jayant Bhat 03 March 2009

Go with Wagon R or Santro. i10 is not good.

Answer by Ankit 03 March 2009


Wagon R is a more reliable and value for money car from the Maruti stable. i have never spent on spares for the last 3 yrs and my second car is also a wgon R.
A Maruti is always a Maruti

Answer by Arun 03 March 2009

I think u should go with era as wagon r is out dated car and its not comfortable at all . Ur average running is 100 KM per day . Trust me except Maruti 800 and Swift there cars are good for nothing.They are just making us fool. Thank god Hyundai is there in India. 1 or 2 km less average dose not make any difference where style is concern.

Answer by Praveen Pathania 03 March 2009


Answer by AK Agarwal 04 April 2009
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