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I have a Hyundi Accent GLE Petrol and LPG 2008 Model. My car sound has been changed few months back. I lifted the car and searched for the sound and saw a small hole in the exhaust pipe which is connected to the rear silencer. I applied M-Seal and it worked fine for some days. My car sound was gone and it is smooth as before. Again after some days i got the same sound and decided to go for Welding and i got it done. The very next day that welding was also gone when i was on highway and hearing the same sound. People are looking at my car only as it is sounding bad like Racing cars, etc. From then onwards i am applying M-Seal only and managing my car sound. Now i want a permanent solution for this. I decided not to go for welding again because as i said above the very next day it was gone and i got it done for Rs. 200. I decided managing with M-seal is far better. Please tell me any permanent solution. Shall i go for Hyundai showroom and Replace the pipe or take their suggestion or shall i go for a local mechanic. I am already facing a huge expenses with the Hyundai Service. They are making the labour charges heavy. If i take this problem to them sure they will make a bill of min Rs. 5000

on May 23, 2015

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