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iam having Alti LXI 2007 Model I want to fit Approved LPG kir for that Which brand (ie Lovato Zavoli Novnil)Have effeciency and also want to firt Central Locking system Which company is suitable and what is th eprice and model ?

By Saya Prasad Chava on Mar 14, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    Lavato LPG kit is giving good service.Hence recommed to go for the same. For central locking go for Autocop.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Mar 15, 2009

  • Dear Saya Prasad,

    I owned and used a Maruti Alto Lxi in Chennai city for almost 5 years

    When i wanted to buy a new car I ended up buying a brand new Alto Lxi this december 2009 again.

    This is beause of the reason that its a very soft and small car and is excellent for City drive.

    I have also used it for long drive to Kerala, tirupati, Bangalore and Mysore.

    My car gave me a milegae of 27Kms per litre (brim full method) without A/C and about 23Kms per litre with the A/C on through out.

    MY SINCERE ADVICE is do not switch to LPG, your car cannot take it. My friend fitted a lavota. considering the price and the maintenance cost, and loosing space in the boot he ended up removing it.

    If you average useage per year is not crossing 15000 Kms please use the car as it is and regularly take for service like wheel alignemtn every 3000Ksm, flushing and cleaning of engine at every 5000Kms etc which will cost you about Rs.1000 every three months

    Thank you
    Agni Sharman
    Answer by Agni Sharman on Mar 16, 2009

  • Dear Mr. Saya. P.
    Before going for LPG kit, You should take care about your running KM/Month. If these are low (as 1000 Kms Only) then you should not go for it. You will install LPG kit of near about 25000/- and save Rs. 1900/- per month thus your pay back period will be 13months and your risk factor will be more for your lofe. so I will suggest you not to go for LPG.
    Answer by Manjeet Singh on Mar 16, 2009

  • Before getting LPG installed to your car , you should first check you avg. monthly mileage. if it is more than 1000 kms. than opt for LPG/CNG. talking about central locking you can go for Autocop or Black cat , both are good. And if you want to go for high end central locking than you can go for boomerang. If you are from delhi than you can get it fitted at CAR PLUS number is 9818850000 Mr. sumit.
    Answer by Abhishek on Mar 16, 2009

  • See a Maruti Dealers / workshop. They are appropriate authority to answer. I would not do neither of your choice.
    Answer by Tapan Ray on Mar 16, 2009

  • Don't just go in for any CNG/LPG kit. I would rather suggest Maruti authorised. It might cost you around 10-15k more but satisfaction is worth the price. No hassales. Never go in for a LPG...only CNG. For central locking, go in for iCAT. This one is better and available only at Maruti Showrooms.
    Answer by Siddharth Saha on Mar 17, 2009

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