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What is covered under 100 days cartrade warranty

By Dev on May 4, 2015


  • Expert Hi Dev. All major components like engine, gearbox, etc are covered. Only parts that are subject to wear and tear like clutch, tyres etc would not be covered.
    Answer by Nikhil Puthran on May 5, 2015

  • Hi, I appreciate your answer.
    But Do you not think that, this words are generic. If Buyer purchase the car thru Car trade certificate and if he/She feels that , he wants to check again the complete car at manufacturer's workshop. then car trade has to provide a provision to buyer that, he/she can visit the nearest manufacturer's service station and take help. Like, I Purchased a car by viewing car trade certificate, but after purchase I Feel that, I have to check my car with respective service center.. So, for that Car trade has a 100 Days warranty works?? What cover's 100 Days warrenty??
    Answer by Praitk on Jan 6, 2016

  • HI,
    I have just purchased a Car form a Car Trade certified Dealer Attapur, Hyderabad, he charged me 5% commission on the deal & also charged 1500k Extra for a 100 day free Service.
    My question is as shown in Add, it should be free service, but why have they charged me twice seperately & that too they haven't given me any receipt for same just a 100 day sticker, just want to know if the charges are as per car Trade Policy? or the dealer has over charged me?
    Thank You
    Answer by Mantosh Roy on Mar 25, 2016

  • What is contact number for warranty services
    Answer by Rak on Mar 28, 2016

  • Please provide Contact number for Warranty Queries and Services to Customers
    Answer by Rak on Mar 28, 2016

  • Hi Rak, i Haven't received any details regarding contact no. etc from the dealer & no acknowledgement for the deal, When i asked them they refused for same.

    The dealer address is
    MOTOR WORLD, Attapur, Opposite to Karachi Bakery Attapur, hyderabad.
    Contact No. 9948869202, 8019257090

    you can reach me at 9700704946
    Answer by Mantosh Roy on Apr 13, 2016

  • How to avail cartrade warranty?
    Answer by Ajay on Apr 29, 2016

  • Worst company is cartrade, they never inspect car , the just give the certification any running car will run 100 days easily . please read there T&C before buying any car.
    and they never give any warranty personal experience
    Answer by Sanjay on Dec 26, 2016

  • I have recently bought a scorpio with cartrade certificate . There is issues with the race and the clutch shift patter. its not even 1 month. when i nbought it the clutch was hard and i ask the vendor for the issue to which he replied that as i use it it will be ok but now it is deterioratiing can you please help
    Answer by Anees on Aug 17, 2017

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