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Is it advisable to purchase a Tata Indica XETA model Car. Please also let me know the mileage it gives in city driving conditoins. Any other information regarding XETA is also welcomed (pros & cons). Thanks. Mahesh Arora.
By Mahesh Arora 03 March 2009

it is not advisable. please go to alto same price better mileage.

Answer by Prasad 03 March 2009

hi mahesh, why u want to settle with zeta when better options r available at same price structure.zeta may be a bit spacious but will not offer value for money on long term bases. diesel version is ok with indica.

Answer by Kapil Kanwar 03 March 2009

I had real bad experience with Tata Indica I owned. Further, almost 50% of the people visiting Tata Workshops keep coming back with problem and usually found toiling around in the workshop with some or the other recurring problem and problem which don't get fixed. I had to visit once or twice every-month with some or other problem which keeps coming up. Tata vehicles I believe are simply jugad vehicle and not suggested buying unless you are a taxi driver, who can quickly takeoff his shirt and go under the car to fix a breakdown.

There are other options which are pretty good like Alto, Santro, Esteem, etc. which are better recommended.

Answer by Rakesh Pandey 03 March 2009

I had to sold my Xeta because I went out of station for long term and I was very unhappy with the decision. I was very happy (other than service quality and stuff which is you have to handle in your own way) with my 1.4 L Xeta in terms of performance, space. City milage varies and depends on the driving style and AC usage and my own experience is it should be in a range of 8-12 km/hr (improves drastically if you keep less gear change as the car is absolutely adjustable with that and if you follow the driving instructiions provided by TATA). I was extremely happy with the performance in the long drive - This 1.4 L petrol version gave me average 16-17 milage with almost 70% AC on the highway. hope this helps.

Answer by Sudip 03 March 2009

go for Swift or Swift DZire. Diesel

Answer by Kalpesh Dharampuria 03 March 2009

I hd Indica DLE which I was sold after its 8 yrs. with Regular maintenance it hd given me good service and till selling it was giving me 16+ average with 50% AC. Now I hv switch over to INDICA VIsta Multijet, a good pick up, spacious and giving me 18+ with 100 % AC. I would suggest if u can strech further ur budget go for it.

Answer by Vijay Gangan 03 March 2009

based upon my personal experience tata indica dle is a good car in respect of fuel economy maintainance, road grip,cooling,safety,price. i have completed 1 lakh kms and am still enjoying 17 kms per litre with ac on 100% of time.I cruise on the highways at over 120 kms per hour and no one in the car can realise the speed as there is no vibrations, it grips the road well. as my journey is over 1500 kms at a stretch it is nt tiring at all.It is much better than the cars i owned earlier.

Answer by Cedric Faria 03 March 2009

Though I have been using an Indica DLS Model which is Diesel, So i can't say much about Xeta...What I've heard or to the best of my knowledge is that this car doesn't deliver a Good average...I would suggest you to look for Chevrolet Spark. Equally spacious and delivers an average of 18kmpl in city with AC.Nywaz, Best of Luck for your purchase..

Answer by Nitin Thakur 03 March 2009

go for Swift or Swift DZire. Diesel these are better option in diesel version i better prefer swift d.better mileage and permonance.

Answer by Sanjiv 03 March 2009

I am using indica DLX top model in diesel version gives me 22+ on long drive without ac and in city 15+ with ac. i am very happy about the entire performance of it since last 4 years car except the pick is slow. i advice you to go for diesel indica vista than xeta i will satisfy you by all means.

Answer by KURKUTE J D 03 March 2009

i have own a Tata indica V2 diesel for five yrs. I calculated and the average service cost incl minor accident damage is about 200-300 bucks.which i would say is phenomenal. Its true that the service quality and advisors are not up to the mark..but u get the service u is unbeatable in the class. driveability i would say any day beats any maruti hands down...choice is u'rs...

Answer by Suraj 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Tata Indica Xeta is a good option considering cost, mileage, space etc but overall performance is not satisfactory compared to other cars of the same price range.Indica diesel perfromance is good and recommended to go for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

Hi, go for Indica Vista if it comes in your budget. It is better than XETa. For petrol option go for Uav Chervolate or Swift

Answer by Sunilnaths 03 March 2009

Hi Mahesh,
looks like u have already got feedback against xeta. Tata's petrol versions are not good compared to it's diesel products. If your decision is for a diesel car, then go for a Tata product - Indica DLS/DLE or the vista range are very good. However, if you want a petrol car, then an Alto/Spark is a good option

Answer by Dipankar 03 March 2009

I used indica DL (diesal model) for the last 10 years. It is superb and I suggest you to go for any indica Diesal model as Tata is famous for diesal cars. For petrol go for Maruti or any other model. Regarding servicing and additional cost on repair on diesal car [contrary to what people say] is not much. Since 1999 my DL repair charges or visit to service station were much less than as compared to other petrol cars.

Answer by Nalin Sharma 03 March 2009

Dear Mahesh,
I have Indica DLS model, so i cant advise you for Xeta model.

With Best Regards,
Deshmukh Imdad

Answer by Deshmukh Imdad 03 March 2009

Hi Mahesh,
I'm owning a XETA 1.2 GLS fot the past two years and I'm really happy with it. Maintanace cost is almost peanuts for the pst two years for me and I hope it will be the same for anothe 2 or 3 years. TATA petrols are not that bad now. If you need Space+Mileage+ VFM COmbo, then go for the XETA. U will never regret. I'm a member of Team-bhp and few more automotive forums. My opinion is, GO for the XETA if you are thinking marutis as other option,. If you are considering Hyndais as alternatives, Better go for the hyundai. Quality is better than XETA if space is not an issue for you.

BTW,if you've got any sar by this time..My best wishes foe you :-)... Drive safe.

Answer by Karthic 04 April 2009

Hi Mahesh
I am having a indica dls and i am very much satisfied with the vehicle there is no kind of maintenance i don't know why are the people criticize indica i like the car it is very good for Indian road good average good a.c only the draw back is the pickup but u cant find every thing in the car if u want a nice average then u have to compromise i am getting average of 18 km/pl with full a/c and without is 20 km/pl on highway it is 22 km /pl u just have to see when service is due i think if u service your vehicle on time in my opinion on 8000 km you have to service your vehicle and then u have no problem i am assuring u and i think technology of xeta is better than normal indica so u can definitely go for xeta better pickup and better millage.

Answer by Sanjiv Arora 04 April 2009
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