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I want to buy a bike in between three bikes viz Honda Unicorn, Bajaj Avenger, Yamaha Fz16 which bike should i buy?
By Vikas Ashok Yadav 03 March 2009

The best is Unicorn. I can proudly say that i own a Unicorn. I bet there is no other bike in India which is more smooth that Unicorn, and ride quality makes u feel good.

Answer by Vijay Bhaskar 03 March 2009

All these bikes are different. If you need a reliable bike, with not much show off, No need to think, Go for the proven one - Honda Unicorn

Answer by Sreevisakh 03 March 2009

Of course of all the three the Honda unicorn is better. Well all of them are different bikes but your bike will run on road only not anywhere else and you should also take into consideration the spares and services.

Answer by Gaurav 03 March 2009

I have the bikes viz Honda Unicorn, Bajaj Avenger, Yamaha Fz16,nicorn, For more details contact me

Answer by Hammed 03 March 2009

I have no Idea about different bikes. I own an Unicorn bike and I am proud to have this. This is nice bike for riding within the city and u feel very smooth while riding. I have not faced any problems from the day I bought this bike.

Answer by Rama 03 March 2009

close your eyes & go for the Honda Unicorn.
The smoothest bike on Indian roads ever.

Answer by Sujeet Mukherjee 03 March 2009

hi since Cartrade personally contacted me to answer this. i will just say the 3 bikes are different.....since all 3 are diferrent i would totally rule out the avenger,the unicorn is a bike with great performance,unimaginable comfort and ride,an excellent refined engine and great mileage too......i dont find any problems with the bike,even the looks r sporty....whereas the fz16 ;the bike is a monster,looks are 5/5 and engine is good so far;the negative thing is d mileage....if u can afford for refuelling regularly then its a good bike or else unicorn is the one for you my friend......ride safe;njoi the ride.....

Answer by Chris 03 March 2009

the best is babaj avenger

Answer by Om Prakash 03 March 2009

It depends upon your budget, and what you want out of your bike. If you are planing to purchase a bike thats easy on your pocket, low on maintenance, and high on mileage then the obvious choice in Honda Unicorn. But if you can compromise on mileage, go for FZ16. Avenger is a good bike too, but its in a completely different category.

Answer by Shashank 03 March 2009

Firstly let me tell you that I own a 2006 Honda Unicorn and have been using in without any kinds of hassles till date.
Considering the three options provided by you, I can blindly rule out the Bajaj Avenger simply for the reasons like unreliable, unrefined & damage -prone engine. I have owned the Pulsar 180 prior to the unicorn and very well know the engine and the kind of service recieved.
Coming to the two competitors Unicorn and FZ-16
I have ridden both the bikes. If you are looking for reliable (i mean which starts at the first click or kick and doesn't conk off later. Also most importantly starts when you need it the most.) Comfortable, Good Service back up, Properly priced spares, Life time peace of mind about the engine, Simple looking, Stable steady and more over fuel efficient (53 kmpl approx even after 3 years of full use) and a top whack speed of close to 110 kmph (that is what I achieve mostly) ... Then go for Honda Unicorn.
If you want stylish, not so fuel efficient 48-50 kmpl until recently, reliable, comfortable, sharp steady, eye-catching (moreover to make it precise if you park it outside a college atleast 4 idiots would sit on it and see how they look sitting on it.) without Primary kick, only ES. (this can be problem in rains .. its only a possibility) lots of electronics- digital speedometer console, top whack of again 110 kmph and huge tyres to flaunt then go for FZ-16.
Both bikes are equally good, but buy the one whose service center is closest to your residence. No doubt the service of both the manufacturers is equally good but spares of FZ-16 being a new bike would be costlier than Honda Unicorn (marginally) Plus Yamaha's have a reputation of phasing out a product very soon and leading to a spare part crunch. For the very reason I would always put my money on Honda.

Answer by Vikas Yadav 03 March 2009

i will advaies u u can buy a bike honda unicorn ther is no mentiness averege 60pkm.

Answer by Surender Singh 03 March 2009

Yes all the above comments are correct... I m not saying this because i own HONDA UNICORN but i have tested almost all available bikes in 2005 while buying a bike though Fz16 is new & muscular... but if u compare technicals then u will c Unicorn is the most practical, powerful & performance oriented, balanced bike. best bike in 150-200 segment. Also would like to inform u the face u all guys dont know. UNICORNs make is Engineered like this : The engine generates for maximum power/torque at low RPM, around at 5000 rpm hence u get best pick up ever, dont believe... try agaist a pulsar 200 or even karisma... u will be ahead of all for sure for atleast 5 seconds.

Answer by NILESH 03 March 2009
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