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I am contemplating about buying a HM Ambassador car, what's your take on the car, I will like to go in for long drives with a sturdy vehicle at my disposal. Also the company claims an average of 16 km/ltr (i suppose that's for the petrol variant !!??). Which is the best model to go in for w.r.t ambassador, considering I will be undertaking city as well as highway driving ?
By Aka 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

The Ambassador can not be ignored as a good car.It has the advantage of good sturdy body, good space and comfortable seat.The disadvantages include difficulty in handling pedals,uncomfort for the driver, outdated body style,expensive spares .Considering availability of other cars with wide range of features according to budget range we recommed to have a test drive of other cars in the price range of Ambassador.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

car is good for jeorney but not for driving .also body maintanance is there for it.

Answer by Godwin 03 March 2009

one of the cheapest safest reliable car is ambassador car. even on repair with the minimum tools repair can be undertaken. it is also presitigious to have an one white colour ambassador car. Best road safety is there when compared with other cars. The identical shape of the car is its beauty. Most of the cars with high cost is giving only mileage of 12km and less than that per litre of petrol. The spares are definitely cheaper when compared with other cars and available freely in the market. Any mechanich on the road can do the service/repair of the vehichle which cannot be done for other cars.

Answer by R MOHAN 03 March 2009

You dont even think to buy that car such a wonderful it is low maintanance & gives such mileage any doubt call me at 9789911389

Answer by RAJASEKARAN S 03 March 2009

The Ambassador is what i really feel as a car,when it was designed before world war it had participation from three countries to design a perfect car that should be forever by great Britain , Germany,France,each having its own version but the model depicts the same as that of ambassador including the one produced by Holden Australia, the car designed that produced after that are based on aircraft and aerodynamic concepts but they failed to stay on roads and always need a big disc brakes and less mileage,but ambassador car robust design ,tank like look,vast interior space, big boot, powerful heavy diesel engine always stood unique to other fast flying machines.The ambassador is indeed a fastest car with momentum and weight bearing capacity

Answer by Sendil Kumar 09 September 2018

Deficiencies of Ambassador car:Low mileage. rusting body non-availability or difficulties in getting spare parts non-availability of trained mechanics only old aged mechanics know how to repair it poor brake no modern gadgets wipers not proper no sound and heat proofing for cabin low bhp compared to modern cars but with the power the car is safe to travel If these deficiencies are removed the car is the most safe comfortable affordable and elegant looking car Its versions of saloon and trekker have unique utilities

Answer by VISWESWARA SHARMA T.P. 07 July 2019

Is ambassador car available for finance
Please reply

Answer by Allan George 04 April 2020

Buy one if you like to get involved with your car as one of your family members . With a bit of timely attention, care and also abit of handy knowledge , this car will serve you go

Answer by Rajkamal Buragohain 05 May 2022
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