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how to connect hho in between air filter and carburettor in Honda twister ? there is no space between then and how to adjust air flow in carburettor?

By Anup Gori on Jan 26, 2015


  • You are asking this question under the Catagory of Cars and that too multiple number of times. In order to adjust the airflow you use the throttle.... because if you disturb the other screws you may have to push the vehicle to a Mechanic. I would suggest you do not modify the bike and if you still insist please get it done by trusted hands, as you need to rig the ignition to sync with the HHO unit. Your saving may be less and expense more and bike will loose its value. Just think if the exercise was any good why the Manufacturer is not doing so He is not Related to the Oil Barons... any way for your benifit : It is ok if you have the HHO output after the air-filter into the carburetor alternatively you may prepare a spacer with an inlet for the gas. After all the Hydrogen facilitates the combustion so even if it goes in as a mixture with the Fuel it should be good. Only you may have to make the mixture lean.
    Answer by Venkateshwaran on Jan 28, 2015

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