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I am planning to buy Used TATA Indigo CS LS Dicor. suggest best car interms of milage and performance
By Nasir 03 March 2009

I advise you not to go for TATA or mahindra make,because they will be good upto 60000KM after that you will get all the problems including engine.TATA amd Mahindra is not fit for bad road conditions.I advice you to go for Toyota,or Maruthi,Hundai,for long life,performance and milege.And make sure you buy the proper car which is not involved in accident.Approach local mechanics they can make out whether the car is involved in accident or not,double check the milege aswell because the may do the tricks in milege.

Answer by Albert 03 March 2009

Hi Nasir,
u cannot compare new car v/s used car in terms of maintenace. If there are budget constraints, then go for a used car, else go for a new one.
If u have decided on a Tata car, my advice would be for you to check the Tata Assured - this is a new service launched by Tatas to cater to the used car market - they give a tata 1 yr/20,000 km warranty, a certificate of worthiness from tata engineer - they will issue a certificate only if the car is less than 5 yrs old & engine is OK & car is accident free. For diesel vehicles, tatas have core competency in diesel engines, while all other manufactureres are mostly into petrol

Answer by Dipankar 03 March 2009

hey nasir ,
i would agree with dipankar . new car is a new car , indigo CS dicor is a good car. the milage & pick up is good too. but with a dicor i would suggest you go for a new one , coz you will have issues once the warranty period lapse.

Answer by Munaf Patel 03 March 2009

very nice

Answer by Natheershan 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Indigo CS is a good option considering mileage, utility and price .Hence we recommend to go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

Hi Nasir,

Indigo CS is a good choice. However I doubt whether you will get a used Indigo CS Dicor in the market. The CS model was launched less than a year ago, so I don't think they will be available in used car.

Answer by Shashank A Naik 03 March 2009

y dont u try the new indic vista. its the best car manufactured by tata till date

Answer by CARIAPPA 07 July 2009
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