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I am planning to buy a Maruti 800. The model is of 1996, 4 speed with running of 54000Kms. The owner is saying 55,000. Is it worth buying.
By Rajiv 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes its worth buying . 50k should be ideal.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009


Answer by Aditya 03 March 2009

1996 year 50k plus km.. Not worth 55k . Engine / gearbox / Clutch plate . Everything has to be rebuilt . And it's not as good as new. For 55k it's not worth it. Try negotiate the price to 30k add name transfer+Insurance+Roadtax+repair cost. AT the end you will see it is overshooting 50K.. if you pay 55k and add the additional cost you are better off buying a higher model with less hassle.

Answer by Anish Bagchi 03 March 2009

Hi, M800 is a fantastic machine... 50K is good buy..
B4 buying, please check out the Engine condition and Body of the machine... Rest everything will cost u peanut if it is not good.


Answer by Tamseel 03 March 2009

Maruti suzuki 800 is awsome machine to go with in term so f milage, maintenance cost and handling .... 50k is cool price check with a good mechanic for any trouble in gear shift ..... any other kind of disturbance from engine ,,,,,, all the best

Answer by Avadesh 03 March 2009

look after 40,000km the engine go down its performance.
a regular maintanance costs also implies. try to buy a car which runs within 35-40 thousand km

Answer by SUMITRO DAS 03 March 2009

it is in good running condition and good body . it is worth for the money also 800 is a wonderfull maruti model normally well maintained vehicle will cover one lak k with out any serious trouble go ahead.

Answer by Girish Babu 03 March 2009

800 maruti 1996 model net worth is only 35k only,not more than.

Answer by Ajay Sharma 03 March 2009

Except Delhi and Bombay the price is ok. any way before buying the car you just check the vehicle with the help of a Maruti mechanic,whether the vehicle met with an accident or not, condition of tyres, drive shaft, battery condition, denting, paint finish, smoke from silencer, clutch condition, suspension and document related matters.

Answer by Anu Cajetan 03 March 2009

Its ok deal. Look for rusting all around if it requires tin work which will b a bit costly affair. Is it 1st owner or 2nd owner, Engine is good, you can bargain a bit & decide.

Answer by BHAVESH GONDALIA 03 March 2009

I am selling my excellent condition Maruti 800 Nov 1999 Model in Rs 55000 and its only 50000 Kms old.It has Philips Stereo ,Autocop anti theft Alarm system,New Tyres.One hand Driven.

Answer by Akshat Vats 03 March 2009
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