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Which SUV to buy between Rexton, Fortuner, Pajero or Endevour

By Animesh Parihar on Dec 5, 2014


  • 1. Fortuner, 2. Pajoro, 3. Endevour last is 4. Rexton
    Answer by Kaleem Pasha on Dec 5, 2014

  • REXTON is better among these.
    Only Rexton offers 4x4 automatic, 4 airbags, Sunroof, premium luxury interiors...etc at a reasonable price. The overhyped Fortuner is costlier, yet provide just only 2 airbags (not sure it will work), rear Drum brakes & cheap interiors,no sunroof. Riding comfort is better in Rexton.
    So the actual order of preference should be,
    1) Rexton 2) Fortuner 3) Pajero 4) Endeavour
    Answer by Bipin Raj on Dec 6, 2014

  • Don't believe biased suggestions, just take a test drive & feel the difference. The Rexton is better among all (value for money). The interior quality & luxury features are awesome in Rexton. The Fortuner (modified Hilux pickup) is sold at a very high price in India & considering the features provided, it should be priced at around 15 L (you can check its price in other countries).
    Answer by Bipin Raj on Dec 6, 2014

  • My grading will be 1. Fortuner 2. Pajero 3.Rexton and 4.Endeavor. Fortuner has better quality.
    Rexton uses ladder-frame construction and hence it has poor ride quality, Riding comfort is bad.Also, among the 4, Fortunner has the highest resale value and less visits to your service center.
    Answer by Phill on Dec 6, 2014

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