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I have an 1996 Opel Astra, thane, in excellent condition with CNG done in 2002.No accidents, 79,000.00 kms.second owner. I now want to sell the car. How much would I get for the same.It gives an avg. of Rs. 1.30 per km on CNG.Dealers/ agent please do not quote. Thanx

By Sanjay on Mar 7, 2009


  • one of my friend wants 1996 astra.but we people get nothing price yaar my uncle is selling his astra club 2000 model in parts are not available we are asked to sell our cars in very low price.dealers may give you good money but i am afraid they cannot give you.i guess you will get other friend got 1996 nov model for 28000 good condition with lpg.his no is 9221578926 you can call him will buy it
    Answer by Ajit on Mar 8, 2009

  • Hi sanjay,
    If you are not getting right price of your car and still wish to sell it, just remove CNG kit and sell you must get atleast 10000 for the kit. And car can be easily sold to any scrap trader from 40000 to 50000.So you can get atleast around 50k to 60k for the car.Remember CNG kit itself costs more than 39000/-.

    Answer by Rajiv on Mar 9, 2009

  • You can mail your car details with some pics if possible to :
    I'll get back to you as soon as I receive your mail.

    Answer by Rajiv on Mar 9, 2009

  • You should get anywhere around 50k. Don't sell it at 35k or 40k when you ask for won't find a car within that price.
    Answer by Armaan on Mar 9, 2009

  • Friend you haven't given full details of your car so I can't evalueate of your car properly but any how do not sell your car less than 50k.
    Answer by Prakash on Mar 9, 2009

  • I had an opel astra club which i sold for 1,00000 last year you on the other hand have an base model so if you get anything more than 40,000 my advice to you would be either palm it of or if you get anything lower than that thier is no use selling it keep it as a second car as you say its in a good condition
    Answer by Fateh on Apr 7, 2009

  • Dear Sanjay yet you didn't give full details of your car like power steering,windows,a/c,music system,tyres,transmission(manual or autometic) I can't evaluate your carproperly.Send me all details by email and then I will tell you what price you will get of your car. My Id is
    Answer by Prakash on Apr 9, 2009

  • i want to buy it get me good deal on it and u may contact my e-mail.waiting.
    Answer by Wasim on Apr 9, 2009

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