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i am from guwahati and a diehard fanatic of yamaha rd 350b, and want to buy one in pristine/showroom condition. friends out here discourage me from going for the bike saying its very troublesome and genuine parts / mechanics are hard to find. can you help me in fulfilling my dream?
By Jaydeep Phookan 03 March 2009

Hi this is ayaz, I have RD's For sale kindly call on +91-9898262111... I can solve your querries. I have RD's in showroom condition as well as in mint conditions also. call me ...thank u....good night...

Answer by Muhammedayaz 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes your friends are quite right in suggesting not to go for D50 considering availablity of different models of bikes with different range of powers and style. It certainly needs to re think before going for RD350. No doubt its a great bike but The poor mileage combined with difficulty in getting spares makes it a choice of luxurythan choice of necessity.

Availability of Showroom condition Yamaha RD350 is very difficult as it not in production since long.

Considering that RD350 features are which makes a great impression on road. You can go for Modification of a BULLET. The advantage of bulet is that it still makes good impression on road with its Sound and maintenance if also quite easier considering availability of Spares.

HOWEVER as Yamaha RD350 is your dream bike we suggest you to wait for few months or so. Yamaha has plans of launching Spares for RD model to bring back the charm for Yamaha.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009
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