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i wish to purchase a car and wants to decide between santro xing and spark ,though i am little bit inclined to Santro but i doubt its suspension/bumpy ride on rear and people says that Spark's mileage is not good. Can any body suggest me for which car should i go, i am going to drive it in city.
By Rudra 03 March 2009

Hi Rudra,

I can understand the dilema you are in but while you buy it pls make sure that you do not focus too much on just one feature. You would be buying an entire system not just one part, and remember to also put safety as a feature to check. I would personally recomend spark because its smark, safe, stylish, good performance etc.... Also note that the Santro and Spark cant be compared because they both have different engine capacity. Again more engine capacity does not mean more power and speed. Compare a car based on its Power to weight ratio and then its efficiency.

Hope this information would help you choose better.

Till then be smart, shop smart.

Answer by Y P 03 March 2009

hello rudra,
You can also go for ZEN Sportz, if milage is the factor.

Answer by Anamika 03 March 2009

i think you should go for the A-star, its fresh, good looks,BEST MILEAGE in its class and best features too.
Great engine by maruti 1000cc which gives 67ps of power.

I think u shuld go for a-star or u can go for wagonr-it is tried and tested and the best selling car today.

Answer by Dheeraj 03 March 2009

hi Rudra

just go for santro xing i own it for five years and still very much satisfied with its quality and performance

Answer by Prabir 03 March 2009

You must must must go for santro only if you compare it with spark, i am very much satisfied with santro ! very comfortable to drive, very low maintanance, enough space, and now days very cheaper also, enough availability of servie station, and most important thing while compare to spark is re-sell velue,as santro has very high resell value. and at the same time GM's any car has very low re-sell price in market.

So, you have to go for santro only !!

Answer by Hardik Shah 03 March 2009

Hi Rudra,
I have driven a Santro zing for over 40,000 Kms in the city or highway since 2004. I average 30 Kms a day commuting to my office & back. I have not experienced any problem with the suspension, inspite of numerous horrid speadbreakers enroute to my office. Go for Santro in my opinion.

Answer by Gurmit Singh 03 March 2009

Santro would be an ideal choice from any aspect

Answer by Ramakrishna 03 March 2009

1. Santro is more spacious, good seating position, more luggage space and good A/C, good for long ride also.But mileage is comparatively lower than Spark.
2. Spark is a small car compared to Santro, Its cute good for City riding.

Answer by Anu Cajetan 03 March 2009

Hi Rudra

I am using Santro Xing GLS model, Intially I have also felt like you only, I am working in Bangalore, intially when I am enquiring GM I din,t get good response and more over at that time ( oct-2008) the spark and Santro pricess are one and the same, I did,t find any differencess, even though both are claiming almost same milage. one thing it drgs towards Santro means it looks more spaceas than Spark and prooven vehicle from last ten years, so I have decided to go for Santro. It is giving an avaerage of 14.5 Km/ lit in the city, In Bangalore ( because as you know about Bangalore traffic Jam), Still I have not checked with any long trip. I hope it may give around 18 as per feedback which had with my nighbour. I am feeling very comfortable in this vehiclae.

Answer by Virupaksha Reddy 03 March 2009
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