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i want to buy a new car but i am confuse in Honda city, Fiat Linia, Chevralet Magnum
By Arun Sharma 03 March 2009

hi arun..! u better go for new honda city its really very confortable for self driving and its very easy for womens to dirve as well..

Answer by Vaibhav 03 March 2009

Yes go for the Honda. It the best in class right now.(overall).FIAT lINEA IS ALSO A BEAUTIFUL VEHICLE

Answer by Sid 03 March 2009

choose honda city NO PROBLEM CAR

Answer by Aneesh 03 March 2009

hi Arun you should better go for new Honda City. the best vehicle any qyery u can call me 09271207041

Answer by Rehan 03 March 2009

i hv had 2 honda citys - old model and new (not newest) model for past 8 yrs. both hv been excellent.
fuel efficiency, reliability, comfort, styling, ...
best value for money and luxury car in india

Answer by Rajesh 03 March 2009

If you are going for petrol then go for City.
Car has got xcellent engine and drive.
It lacks on gizmos. If you can do without alloy wheels, climate controls , fog lamps then its for you. If you go for retro fitment of these add ons then better go for base model civic.
If you are diesel then lot of choice. Apart from the above two cars you can wait for Fabia sportline. Its best value for money.

Answer by Farid Khan 03 March 2009

i want to buy honda the best.

Answer by Gurpreet Singh 03 March 2009

Folks in America also buy Japanese cars on a blind note; good luck with the engines if you are planning for a Ford or a Chevy after three years.

Answer by Ganesh 03 March 2009

Go for Honda City, its the best, as Mr. Ganesh said, if you are planning for Ford or Chevy, engine issues will give you a tough time after 3 years.

Answer by Serfraz 03 March 2009

I prefer you to go only Honda City....this is the ever best car I have experienced.... and there is a new model in Honda City which is excellent... dont keep any other option

Answer by Kishor Kumaar 03 March 2009

hi arun,go for honda city it is best in class in terms of fuel efficiency,power,reliability,new city has appealing looks,most important after sales service is excellent,Fiat linea is again a good car it provides you with more gizmos like alloy wheels,abs,cd player,plush interiors for the same price but there after sales can also try hyundai verna it is the best i have ever driven so far in sedans.....all the best

Answer by Hitesh 03 March 2009

i have the new honda city. superb looks.good mielage. very comfotable. 70% of the vechile parts are made in india. so parts will be cheaper unlike other cars. aftersales service is good. it has all safety features like-ABS & airbags. honda cars are always the least maintenance vechile in india. good resale value.

Answer by Chengappa 03 March 2009

Go for Honda but the dealers donnot care much after sales especially in my city as they have monopoly, car is good but services are not as good.

Answer by Anand 03 March 2009

if ur usage is less than 13000 KM per year then go for petrol car.i suggest honda city is best in class.

Answer by Sangeetha 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

The Price of NEW CITY basic model E MT at 9.1 lac. and that of Linea top end model Emotion Pack at9.0lac,Optra Magnum at 9.7 lac . City certainly wins over other two for its Brand value, Style, Reliability, Resale value.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

i suggest you to buy honda city.......

Answer by Yusuf 03 March 2009

CITY is the Best.go for fully loaded ones.Like GXI in earlier models.Do not add any fittings from local shops, after you buy this car.That has a risk of short circuit.If you want automatic transmission then go for

Answer by Nayak 03 March 2009
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