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i am confused about which car to buy Linea petrol or New Honda City? Please advise.
By K S Bharath 03 March 2009

well mr bharath depending on your useage and your requirments you can choose the car ...
my personal suggestion would be the new honda city for its refined engine, performance ,looks and mileage..

Answer by Siddharth 03 March 2009

if your monthly run is not more thn 1000 km then petrol suits... then buy honda......nothing better in petrol version

but if u have higher mileage then go for linea diesel

Answer by Siddharth 03 March 2009

Go for honda city only.

Answer by Akil 03 March 2009

Personally I would never buy a Ford (any make). Folks in America also buy Japanese cars on a blind note; good luck with the engines if you are planning for a Ford after three years.
Honda City (New Model) is the best of the best on Indian roads.

Answer by Ganesh 03 March 2009

well if u are asking abt linea or honda then HONDA IS FAR BEST AND BETTER IN ALL TERMS THEN LINEA. honda is time proven succeed model in india and yet fiat hv to proven after past failures like siena and palio kinda dumps. so ther is not Qustion between linea and honda, but rather u should think abt old honda city ( city zx ) or all new honda as both is very much diff at all the points.. new one hving newer technology while old one hv better comfort and fuel efficiency, new one hv to be proven yet while old one hv proven suceess records so in my view better u find some good maintained honda city ZX only..

Answer by Nirav 03 March 2009

go to honda city only

Answer by Natheershan 03 March 2009

well one can not compare the looks and the engine power ....the performance should be good.....todays day to day life ...all the traffic jam???????the new model and the new looks wont help....what u require is the stable model,, that case HONDA is the best and tried out in so many ways...take for instance rally,ministers,personal cars etcccccc.....see if u r looking for the looks then honda even can provide u with a greater looking cars say civic....the best car ever i have driven is still the honda city petrol...1.5.check it out...
all the best bro.cheers!

Answer by Samir Letwis 03 March 2009

dear sir,
honda city is good car , as comp, of other car,but i cant give you any coments about linea , linea is new verson, why dont go for tested car,honda, all the best;

Answer by Ravi 03 March 2009


Answer by PUNEESH 03 March 2009

fiat linea is a good car,but u know about fiat its like the fizz of the soda.iam using t.he honda city for 3yrs,i only service my car every 5000kms in the company & thats about it,i make long trips abt 1000kms in 2 days .u may trust honda tech blindly, besides their cars r maintaince free.all the best & welcome to he honda family

Answer by HOZEFA LOKHANDWALA 03 March 2009
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