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I am the owner of of ford ikon 1.3 endura engine. I wanted to ask when we start driving the car specialy in the city on 3rd and 4th gear the temp meter of the car goes to high temp not on red but when we drive on 5th gear the temp comes on normal is there any problem in the engine can you explain me

By Raj on Mar 29, 2008


  • Expert Hi,

    Variation of temperature meter does not depend upon gear selection but on engine speed.In all engines thermostat is fitted in cooling system which opens up once temperature of engine goes beyond 82 degree and remains open till temperature falls below 82 degree and hence keep constant circulation of coolent.Sometimes malfunctioning of temperature sensor switch may result in malfunctioning of temperature meter , hence you are requested to get that checked once.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

  • The Ford Ikon engine is an advanced one, I somewhat agree with Shiva Shankar that the Thermostat regulates the cooling of the engine. So to sum it up, your engine is working perfectly fine, Until the temp reaches 82 the radiator fan is not on thus coolant does not need cooling, as soon as the temp shoots beyond 82 the radiator fan will kickoff cooling the coolant and your temp guage comes down. So it is pretty normal and sensible too.
    Answer by Expert on May 16, 2012

  • Is there any website showing a price list of genuine spare parts price list for Ford Ikon 1.3 endura CLXI....

    Answer by Mayank Rastogi on Aug 28, 2012

  • i own ford 2001 model 1.3exi endura engine. as soon i start my car the radiator fan starts and keeps on running.temperature sensor switch is broken from. is their any prob riding the car with the fan ON for a long drive.
    Answer by Balaji on Jun 8, 2015

  • hi, I'm driving a ford ikon 1.6, my aircon blows hot air and I don't what cause that
    Answer by Paseka on Nov 3, 2016

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