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car b/w scorpio n innova.wich is very easy to drive , reliable n comfortable.i want maintainence free car 4 life. my running in city n long journey is both more.thanx frnds
By Abhi 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Innova is a better selection for driving , Interiors space, and reliability . The advantgae of Scorpio is its tough build and off road ability, comparitively cheaer price .

The best option would be Mahindra Xylo as it has great features combined with competitive price.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

1st u need to decide on which make u wana go for, Scorpio is a SUV where Innova is a MPV, both are good cars in terms of performance,now it depends on ur need and choice and budget.
Innova is heavy to maintain compared to Scorpio which has solid looks and build.

Answer by Sameer 03 March 2009

Innova. When you go above 70 in a scorpio, you'll feel like you're in a roller coaster

Answer by Sid 03 March 2009

In my opinion, Innova is more comfortable than Scorpio as the vehicle is smooth and gives a feel of comfort in terms of body rattling noice, engine noise, wind busting noise while driving at a good speed on the highway. Also, when you are on a rough roads, you feel like riding a roller coaster when you travel on a Scorpio but you feel comfortable while on an innova. You have good service back up in terms of innova all over the country where as its not the same with Scorpio. Conclusion: Innova is best compared to Scorpio

Answer by Balaji M 03 March 2009

Looks like you are looking for a large car since you are comparing Inova to Scorpio. I am owning a Scorpio for the last 6 years & just planning to change it now. I will certainly consider another Scorpio. It has been reliable with little maintenance hassle. I have taken necessary care (do routine maintenance dilligently) which any car should demand. Routine maintenance is significantly cheap (local dimension) compared to Inova. In the very long term, I would be pleasantly surprised if Scorpio stays as non-routine-maintenance-free as an Inova. Ride on a Scorpio is fine on good roads. On average & bad roads the quality is way better in a Inova. For off-roading Scorpio is better placed. Also you may want to see if look & feel matters to you and by how much. The price is favorable for a Scorprio. BTW My experience is differentcompared to a former comment that Scorpio becomes unstable above 70kmph. My experience on stability is it is good till 100 kmph on a decent road. I have taken it to long drives as well. Hope this helps.

Answer by A Sengupta 03 March 2009

hi dear i whand indica turbo rs 1.5.lac iam in cennai, cenna car only please woner only contact.

Answer by RKASOKAN 03 March 2009

The Innova is the winner in long term considerations of any kind.

Answer by B S Kumar 03 March 2009

whether you drive your own or driver drives the car.INNOVA will keep on going without tired and only at the time of overtaking and speed pickup you need to shift the gear.
scorpio will sense all the level difference of road with enough shakes will distrub the stable position of sitting persons inside and no persons are the there inside itwill shake you more.
comfort long run other than sitting last row innova is the best choice.

Answer by Gautam 03 March 2009

In my experience of scorpio is better choice and have strong enough body , shock absorbers are very smooth, and pickup is similar to petrol vehicle , its comfortable and long life vehicle. I had it since 2 yrs and I never face any major problem by the grace of god. I hope and pray for safety of vehicle. I had corolla too but it is lightest vehicle and expensive. just think about which will be convinient to your packet.

Answer by Mubeen 03 March 2009

According to me Innova is better actually Scorpio needs maintenance,in a BIG WAY.

Answer by Manish 03 March 2009

My choice is always scorpio. bcs of Fastest pickup, smooth traveling. stong body.

But suspenstion when compare to innova is littebit low.

Answer by Ravivarman 03 March 2009
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