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Hi, Can I get a fiat palio for Rs 1 lac in Bangalore. Is it expensive to maintain a fiat palio.
By Ranganath Gowda 03 March 2009


Answer by ANIL 03 March 2009

Probably you can get a Palio for 1.25 -1.5 lakhs . If your using it sparingly and single driver you can go for Palio . I am quite happy with my Palio .

Answer by Stephen 03 March 2009

Don't expect low running costs from a Palio. Though the car is a masterpiece. In a theatrical phase, its an armored tank with four jet engines and is an amazing drivers car.

Answer by Sid 03 March 2009

Yes you could get a 5 year old Palio Diesel 1.9 for that Price in Delhi, but I would not recommend you to buy it unless you own a workshop, as its difficult to find spares even after Tata has taken over the sevice matters also the spares are insanily expensive. God forbid if any thing goes wrong with the engine or fuel pump then it takes around 1 month to get it repaired.

Answer by Ashish Kesarwani 03 March 2009

I never faced any problems with my Palio. Its really a driver's choice. The fuel efficiency is little less, but stable even in heavy traffic it will not drop highly. You can get a good vehicle between 1 - 1.5 Lakhs in bangalore.

Answer by Binoo 03 March 2009

It depends on the model. I think you can get a get a good car for 1.25 / 1.5 lacs. You may even get for lower price, but it is always advisable to buy a good car even if you have to spend a few thousands extra. I own a FIAT Palio 1.2 since 2003, I have spent all of 3000Rs on maintenance in 6years apart from consumables like engine oil etc, which costs almost the same for any car. Go for the Palio, its worth every penny that you spend.

Answer by Yusuf 03 March 2009

hello sir,,,
i have palio 1.2elx model,,,it is a wonderful and a powerful machine,,,it gives u feel of sports car,,,its milage on petrol in city driving is 11 to 12 kmpl if u want a second hand palio near about 1lac,,ya its needed maintenence but if u buy any other second hand car it also needed the same maintenence,,,,now palio is already luanched in new models so spaers parts are also easily avilable,,,i also wanted to change my car and want to purchase new multijet disel palio,,,if u r intrested to buy a palio then contact me

Answer by Gajendra 03 March 2009

hi,first thing i would recommend is to buy a single owner car .never buy a car which has been under several hands and second thing is it is the toughestcar on road till date.the best way to maintain this car is that never get it repaired from a local technician.the best thing about this car is its airconditioner as it is better than a mercedes.average is just a bit less as compared to the famous it gives around 9-10km and swift gives around eleven.but it is much more studier than swift .best thing i would reccomend is that buy the car from a person who has kept it well maintained and not from a dealer at of luck

Answer by Pankaj 03 March 2009

I bought my Palio 1.6 2002 from TVS used car and if you are lucky you can get a piece like that.It is a wonderful drivers car,mileage is certainly low but it is a sturdy car with a troublefree 1.6 European engine.My mechanic tells that these engines are made to last for 4lakhs Km without any major problems.YOU can go ahead if your usage is not extensive.

Answer by Prabakar 03 March 2009

Hi. Just like Prabakar's above, I got my Palio 2001 model with an original european engine in it. It was very less used when i got it, only 28000 km! I've clocked over 55,000 km now, in 3 years. I got it in 2006. The milage averages 9km in the city to 14km on the highway. The parts are expensive, but i've only had to change 1 major part (left hand drive axel) costing about Rs 7,000/- other than that no major expenses on the car other than regular oil changes.
It really is a drivers car. Even with a 1.2 engine, it does 160kmph on the highway and has good pick-up inside the city.

Yes, you can get a car for Rs 70,000/-, but these are the ones which will cost you a lot of money to maintain. If you want a good car, be ready to pay at least 1,50,000/- for a 2002/2003 model, and try and buy direct from a seller. If you want to know more about the palio, call me on 9845248630. I'm no expert but I'll try to help.

Answer by Uvais Chinoy 03 March 2009

ya u can get one at 75 to 80 k from Punjab or delhi.But the model is already obsolete , hence you won be able to find spare parts that easily. more over the running cost is too high. just leave it aside. better buy and indica or Accent

Answer by Vinod 03 March 2009

As per my knowledge there is no maintenance required for Fiat Palio 1.2 EL model which is used by me. But milege was poor i.e 10 km/ltr in city

Answer by Sariki Simhadri 03 March 2009

Thanks guys for the response. I will start looking out now.

Answer by Ranganath Gowda 03 March 2009

Gud luck with you car search. Hope you get a good car and enjoy it. I would have given my Palio 1.2 to you as I am buying the new FIAT LINEA petrol. However, a friend of mine has agreed to buy my palio. I think you have got very comprehensive advice above, hence nothing more to add. Best of Luch

Answer by Yusuf 03 March 2009

I am having difficulty in getting a direct seller of fiat palio used car. Shall I go for a new palio stile 1.1. Is it the same as palio 1.2 ?

Answer by Ranganath Gowda 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can get Palio in range of 1.0Lac but the good condition will doubtful .With expenditure for initial conditioning of car you can expect a good service ffrom Palio. Maintenance of Palio is not too expensive.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

Dear Ranganth,The difference between 1.1 at 1.2 is obviously the size of the engine, 1.2 is 72bhp engine, I dont know whats the capacity of 1.1 (any dealer will be able to tell u that). I feel that it must be 65bhp or so and that will be ample to propel the car well. It will certainly give a lot better fuel efficiency. So if you can efford to spend 3.5lacs or so, certainly go for it. Its the best package that you can get this side of 5/6 lacs. If you can stretch a bit, try the new FIAT Linea, its awsome.

Answer by Yusuf 03 March 2009

if you are intrested in a high speed drive your choice should be a palio 1.2nv it is a good car `if toy are a good driver a have a palio and i have no problem with it

Answer by Indu Pandey 03 March 2009
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