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I have just bought a 2002 Fiat Palio 1.6 for 1lk in good condition.It is very smooth and driving it is a sheer pleasure.Only problem with the car is its poor mileage.It gives only 7 to 8 km in Madurai town driving.[Swift vxi which I was using earlier gave me 9 km in the same traffic.]Is there any suggestions to improve its mileage?

By Prabakar on Feb 27, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    There seems to be problem in fuel pump or he decarbonisation of Head is required. Plesase check for the same.With Palio of 2007 mileage of 10 to 12kmpl should be genuine.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Feb 27, 2009

  • As you said that its very smooth, so thats why its taking more fuel, & just go to any maruti service centre & ask for electric mileage checkup, in which one machine will check your mileage & also repair the mileage accordingly.
    Answer by Surya on Feb 27, 2009

  • Hi. I know im outta the topic, but if you're planning to sell it, Im a ready buyer :)
    Answer by Sid on Feb 27, 2009

  • Just be light footed on the throttle ! The car shud roll , try to feel the power not use it to it's max. It'll help i too hv a Palio 1.6 gives me an average of abt 12 to 14 km / ltr.
    Answer by Amitabh Mukherjee on Feb 27, 2009

  • hi , i think you need to change your driving style. if you were getting 9 kmpl on your swift.... or may be you must be comuting through very dense traffic.because like amitabh says,14 is a decent average for palio & 12-14 for swift. so look in to your driving habit as well.
    Answer by Munaf Patel on Feb 27, 2009

  • hey,palio gives less mileage....
    u cant do anything...swift is definetly a superior vehicle which gives better mileage.u cant compare swift with palio.
    Answer by Varun on Feb 27, 2009

  • Let me first answer the gentleman who says the swift is a superior vehicle.For a genuine car lover,its always the Palio 1.6!!!!!The Swift wouldnt have come anywhere near the Palio had Fiat done an Okay job.

    About your car giving low figures on the fuel efficiency,there could be a lot of factors:

    Clogged airfilter,
    Spark plugs,
    Adultrated fuel
    Not so accurate fuel station reading...did you try filling at other places
    grinding brakes.
    Is the tire of a different size than the OE tires?...Incorrect upsizing can also lead to speedometer error.
    The best option would be to take your car to a Fiat dealearship.
    Stick to service intervals and your car should do better.
    I would also suggest you speak to other owners as well to check if they also get the same figures.
    Answer by Satyajit on Feb 27, 2009

  • Satyajit, i have to agree. Palio is a MUCH MUCH better product. You can take a head on collission with a truck and escape with a few bruises. Plus, a Palio isn't a car you can expect mileage from. Its basically a drivers car. Its got wide tires and massive torque. You own a Palio to jack people on the road, not to go that extra mile. And so, Im trying to make an offer here. If you're willing to sell the Palio you own for the same price of 1 lac, I will buy it immediately.
    Answer by Sid on Feb 28, 2009

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