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Sir, What is maximum life of tata indigo diesel engine, how many kms it can run without overhauling?
By Dineshbhai Parmar 05 May 2014

1.5 - 2 lakhs kms !

Answer by Ramesh 05 May 2014

well it can run infinite kms w/o overhauling provided you always tow it.

Answer by Nikhil 05 May 2014

65000km only..........

Answer by Smb 05 May 2014
Expert`s comment:

Hi Dineshbhai. There is no predetermined interval for this. It purely depends on how well you have maintained your vehicle. You should not face major issues atleast for about 5,00,000 kms.

Answer by Nikhil Puthran 05 May 2014

My car is running in good condition. now it is 120000 kms

Answer by Nikkil 09 September 2018

My engine is back

Answer by Vivek Kumar Bharti 06 June 2020

Indigo cs tdi AndIndigoecs cr4What best car

Answer by Krisna 03 March 2021

I have completed 307000 kms in 4 years 7 months

Answer by Vimal 06 June 2021

2013 model completed over 2,42,000 km . No major problem. Mileage is 20km/lit in highway.

Answer by Bbaa 09 September 2021

Still 101000

Answer by V Gopi 12 December 2021

Still 101000

Answer by V Gopi 12 December 2021

Now ... Today it runs 235273 kms.... Still we drive through our car .... Unstoppable

Answer by DINESH KUMAR 06 June 2022

Back compressor on 172000 km in 2 years

Answer by Rinku Bhardwaj 12 December 2022

My tata indigo 2016 model good mileage non ac highway 21 ac 25km smooth and comfortable nice car fully satisfied low maintenance 250000km running now no major issue thankyou tata m

Answer by Ashokkumar 01 January 2023

If you slightly maintain your car you can go upto 5 lacs kms without any heavy repairing work

Answer by Kuntal Chatterjee 01 January 2023
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