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Which one has better fuel efficiency 1) Spark 2) Santro 3) Xeta (Petrol)

By Nikhil on Feb 20, 2009


  • spark
    Answer by Amit on Feb 20, 2009

  • my experience say it is only and only and should be XETA
    for confirmation check with TATA Motors.
    Answer by Saaz on Feb 20, 2009

  • spark
    Answer by Lovelesh on Feb 20, 2009

  • shark has better fuel efficiency it gives milege of 14 to 16 with AC
    Answer by Parul on Feb 20, 2009

  • spark
    Answer by Rohit on Feb 20, 2009

  • there is no doubt. SPARK only give better compare to that other two
    Answer by Venkat on Feb 20, 2009

  • its definitely santro because i own santro ,indica
    Answer by Prateek on Feb 21, 2009

  • santro because i have gives me 22kmpl on higway.
    Answer by Rohit on Mar 5, 2009

  • hi rohit ..r u sure sabtro give u the mileahge of 22 on highway.....and wat about mileage in city hahhahaahaa its nice joke
    Answer by Sahota on Mar 6, 2009

  • I have tested on 15/01/09 with 1 ltr petrol in a bottle in highway with 3 persons with an average speed was 50-60 kms and mileage was 20.7 km/ltr. But recently, I have checked the milages when empty indicator flash in the desh board, actual mileage in city was 11.35 km/ltr in Ranchi with avg speed 30-40km.
    Though I have believed that it should be 15/16 Km/ltr in normal traffic without AC, it may be due to getting less petrol against actual quantity.
    There is no actual measuring way to know the actual quantity refill against purchase quantity.
    I am maintaining each spell of driving for getting true result. I am searching for good petrol pump for actual quantity & quality in Ranchi.
    Answer by Arun Majumder on Aug 23, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Mileage of Xeta is around 14KMPL onaverage,Santro 15KMPL.Spark Has slightly better average of around 16KMPL.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 24, 2009

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