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Hi Mr.Shiva, I have purchased a second hand Matiz 2000 model, and I sparingly use the same, each time I drive the car for about 30 to 40 kms. engine dries up with coolant and suddenly it stops, again a burning type smell comes from engine, i recently serviced the car, but still the problem is not solved fully. I drive the car very rarely mostly on weekends, it is because of stop gap driving or any other problem? please help? it is with ac, but I drive without switching on AC most times. Thks - S Joshi Bangalore
By Shyamsundar Joshi 02 February 2009

The problem is most likely due to defective thermostat in the radiator header which allows the coolant to drain out.Please get it checked/tested before it causes seizure of engine at the most embarassing moment when you are in a traffic jam.

Answer by NVENKATARAMAN 02 February 2009
Expert`s comment:

The Radiator assy and connections needs to be checked thoroughly for any leakage .Please get it checked with service center asap.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2009

There must be a cooling fan it asap to prevent the engine from major breakdown

Answer by S K Manocha 02 February 2009

Check for coolant leaks from radiator, hoses, coolant reservoir. Check that the radiator cap's rubber seal is in good condition, cap's pressure rating should be correct. Check thermostat operation, cooling fan operation.

Answer by Jimmy Katrak 02 February 2009

Simply a radiator problem

Answer by Chandeep 02 February 2009

i can solve ur problems with in seconds so pls shoe ur cae once

Answer by Khan 02 February 2009

As the vehicle is old you also should check the Fan motor. If the fan does not work properly then the engine would not get proper cooling making the coolant dry. Whatever it is please check the Radiator, Fan, Thermostat, Hose, fuse which supports the fan motor

Answer by Ashok 02 February 2009

Follow following steps to trace ur problem
1 u check any leakage in radiator hose pipes
2.if no leakages u check whether fan is running automatically or not if not first u check fan directly connect with bqttery then check thermostat
3.If fan is working properly even though coolant leakage is there u have to check gascut of engine
if u follows above solutions u will definitely solve ur problem

Answer by Satya Prasad 02 February 2009

Dear Mr Joshi As per my openon yours car engen gaskit is defective.For resolveing this problem you have fix a new engin gaskit.In this process you might have to send your engen head to leth workshop.

Answer by SUNIL SONKAR 02 February 2009
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