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i am intrested in buying a 2005 make honda city or 2006 make hyundai viva or 2006 make baleno what should be prices for all the above car in bangalore?
By Siddharth 02 February 2009

I would suggest you not to buy a baleno and certainly not a used baleno! of the two left cars above, hyundai viva would make a better choice because the honda model you have mentioned is pretty old and does not match up hyundai viva! but if your looking forward to a new honda city, then that's the way to go..

Answer by Tushar 02 February 2009

Hi I wld suggest u to go for honda city coz there is nothing like honda when u compare to viva.... japanese engines r musch better in mileage & as good as maintenance free... search the net u'll b able to decide that honda is best in this category...

Answer by Sanjay 02 February 2009

Now why do ppl who know nothing about the baleno comment on it....
Off all the cars baleno is the mast cost effective option...
I get 12 in the city with all the traffic...
15 in the highways...
cosy specious car
powerful engine..
the boot is a little small that is the only con...
Hey its maruthi meaning the least maintainence in the class..

the next closest car is the city..

I may act as an advocate for the baleno but hey i just fell in total love with the car when i drove it..
Now i own however..
just give me a call 9740894359 To try drivin my car once or just try it somewhere..
U will know wat im talkin about..

Just give me a call anyways..
All the best "Cheers"

Answer by Adithya 02 February 2009

Call me i may b able to help u ny ways
Im in bangalore

Answer by Adithya 02 February 2009

adithya thanks fr ur advice....
i wud rather like to know places were i can approach to buy these cars and as i hav to stay in blore fr jus another year or so. i think buyin a second hand wud be a wise decision....

Answer by SIDDHARTH 02 February 2009

seems like Mr Baleno is desperate to sell his car! guys plz do call him and check out his malfunctioning BALENO

Answer by Tushar 02 February 2009
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