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I have a 2005 model Pulsar.Since the delivery of the vehicle i found that the handle was slightly aligned to the rite. Repeated visits to the dealer proved useless including some heated arguments. The handle bar was changed thrice but the problem still persists.I have also got the forks done,same problem.Even the engineer could not diognose the problem. And at higher speeds after 90kms, the bike starts vibrating vigorously,the handle also starts shaking and i start losing control of the bike. What could be the problem. plz help.
By Omar Ahmed 05 May 2007

This problem could be due to . 1. Front and rear wheels not properly aligned. 2.Front end may be bent ie forks, axle ,clamps. 3.Frame or swing arm is bent.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2007
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