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What would be the ideal price to buy a Daewoo Matiz 1999 model, non A/C car. it has run 75000km and the person owning it now is the second owner.
By Sooraj 01 January 2009

rs. 10,000/-

Answer by PreetI 01 January 2009

Hi Suraj ! you can pay between 50,000 to 60,000. Enjoy the driving.

Answer by Ravi 01 January 2009

Not more then 30,000/- . This is if the car is in good condition. think every car comes with 7 years life. after that maint. increases , body will be rusted and even car did 75000 km means the engine juse is 3/4 th is out on top of that this is Phase out model , by all this conditions abopve price is just right( up side ) because this is still running.

Answer by Basina 01 January 2009

Yhes man not more than 30,000

Answer by Nitin 01 January 2009

yes budd y not more then 30000, can u tell wat is the price u r getting

Answer by Kapil 01 January 2009

40K if the condition is good because I have a MATIZ 2000 model with A/c, power sterring and deck and I have offers for 60K, If you want for 65K let me know and we can meet

Answer by Kazim Merchant 01 January 2009


Answer by Kazim 01 January 2009

Hi suraj 60k is d maximum price dat 2 if d engine condition is gud....

Answer by Rajarajan 01 January 2009

10,000 to 20,000 will be a good deal coz u ll have difficulty in arranging th spares.

Answer by Anthony 01 January 2009

My Sincere Advice to u is .. Never ever buy a Daewoo Product .. u have to travel to Mars or jupiter for the spares parts of Ur wud be car .... so think bout it ....

Answer by Yasser 01 January 2009

please take care while purchasing as matiz cars bady catch rust sooner than other normal cars body.i suggest better u drop idae.

Answer by Mahesh 01 January 2009

you prefer bicycle, but please do't purchase it

Answer by AAKASH 01 January 2009

dont even think about it if at all u get it free of cost. maintainence will kill you.......

Answer by Karan 02 February 2009

Guys , the best buy would be to go in for a ZEN , trusted and the most preferred car in Delhi , anyone can swear by it .This car offers you every kind of back up , the service, the spares , and still very much in the market for another 5 -7 years at least .The car runs with a strong grip on the road , what to say more , every one knows.

Answer by Sanjay 02 February 2009
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