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The New Honda City is a love at first sight. However when I did some analysis of the pricing,engine capacity etc; I found SX-4 more competively priced. Please guide me whether I should listen to my heart (Honda City) or my brain (SX-4)?
By Srini 01 January 2009

City is a very old,economical(fuel wise),smooth, silent, tried and tested car from honda. Just look at the first city and the one that you are getting now. Comparing city with 1yr old sx4 is an insult to honda city.

Answer by Aditya 01 January 2009

Your value for money option is the SX4. The price differential is substantial nowadays - in delhi / gurgaon almost 1.4 lakhs between the SX4 ZXI and the City 1.5 S. The city will give you a reliable, no nonsense, high brand image sedan. The SX$ is also reliable, medium brand image, loaded with features, high ground clearance sedan. The high ground clearance of the SX4 is a boon as i have seen a brand new honda city with its underbelly badly scraped as it must have been driven on bad roads. Nett nett, you need to be a real honda fan to pay so much extra to own one - Honda knows that and will charge you for it!!!

Answer by Sanjeev 01 January 2009

new city is packed with performence,reliability and most of oyher things you can expect from your car.therfore you have to pay for it.sx4 is a good option also.

Answer by Anshuman 01 January 2009

You go with your heart.B'coz Honda city is a royal and luxuries conveyance with good average.It suits your personality i think so.If you really love that then accept can take help website for pricing and engine capacity for Honda city.

Answer by Kaushal Sain 01 January 2009
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