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Please give the comparison between Wagon R Duo & Cheverlet Spark on maintenance, engine performance, A/C effect,long distance drive and other relevant inputs.

By N Ram on Jan 27, 2009


  • Offcours! Maruti Wagon R is Good option in each and every manner
    Answer by Priyanshu on Jan 27, 2009

  • Yeah Wagon-r is good but not as good as Spark let's compare it:
    1) Space when you sit inside a spark is far better than compared to wagon - r
    2) More comfortable while driving, just try and use gear shift of wagon - r and spark you can make out difference on your own.
    3) Chevrolet cars have much solid body when compared to Maruti makes, which is a basic complaint among Maruti customers that even a bicycle hits the car there is a big dent.
    4) Much lesser price.
    5) Better on road average.
    6) There is a phenomenon that more cars on road the availability of spares are more, last 6 months it was a golden period for spark, as we can see lot of new spark on road. Even if you compare showroom price of spares of spark and Wagon-r you find spark to be cheaper, plus the deal spark is offering.

    The basic thing is blog of Maruti as an brand, I am owing 3 cars of Maruti brand, also took little time for me also to get out of it, but now I find myself to be a happy customer.

    if any doubts you can mail me.
    take care,
    Answer by Arun Baweja on Jan 27, 2009

  • I totally agree with Arun , I bought Spark 2 months backs after lots of comparison with other hatch back. Its a fantastic Buy with very superior Ride Quality & High quality refinement, which most of Maruti Cars Lac.
    Answer by Prakash Sakarkar on Jan 27, 2009

  • Thanks Prakash
    Answer by Arun Baweja on Feb 8, 2009

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