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I want buy second scorpio or safari I am confuse pl. help me. Whoes car better

By Pritesh Gujarathi on Jan 18, 2009


  • Expert Hi,

    Tata Safari makes top priority for its overall performance and market value.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jan 18, 2009

  • sir,,

    call me on 9930849250 i gt 2006 tata safari dicor to sell . in red color with mag wheel fr 530000 nego..
    i can also get u scorpio...

    3% commission no nego
    Answer by Amey on Jan 19, 2009

  • dear friend i have had both vehicles and although safari a bit more presenteble but in all other fields scorpio way ahead

    Answer by Ashish on Jan 19, 2009

  • scorpio
    Answer by Ashwin on Jan 19, 2009

  • scorpio is a better option on every ground . But if you have lot of money in ur pocket own a safari though it is very attractive but it is very high on maintance . Tata should have only manuf trucks . MAX Auto expert

    Answer by Max on Jan 20, 2009

  • The Safari is a better chioce because you'll want a car thats comforable luxurious fuel efficiant and reliable And also
    Tata is known for naking good big suvs

    Answer by Mack on Jan 20, 2009

  • see i have both of them with me..scorpio is the better choice for sure with higher price as compared to scorpio...dont want to hide from you dat I deal in used cars at very competitive price coz of market position, will satisfy you by giving you the good condition car..if interested thn cal me at 9910405251..delhi registration
    Answer by Dipanshu on Jan 27, 2009

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