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After researching a lot about the A Star. I am bit confused whether the 3 cylinder 1000 cc engine can pump enough power compared to Chevrolet Spark in its class. Second what would be the price of the diesel variant and how much mileage can be expected. Looks, style and reliability of the vehical is good.
By Satya 01 January 2009

Chevrolet is on the verge of bankruptcy in America and in india also it has temporarily given a break to production so no point comparing it to Maruti Suzuki!
So far as power and torque are concerned my dear, these are only theories for Auto engineers ! There is no
Himalayan region ,with roads , in India which doesn't have very successfully running Maruti 800s . I have travelled far and wide dear and i have seen Maruti cars racing in Leh ,Kargil and Kathmandu with equal ease. so don't be confused and grab Astar. Even Europe is in love with this car.

Answer by Munish Sharma 01 January 2009

I agree with bete Munish Sharma that if M-800 can do it all over the country, A-Star can do it better! So go for either of them. Chevy-India is an independent company with own financial standing. Maruti is a better bet any day dear!

Answer by Pirebhuoo 01 January 2009
Expert`s comment:

Comparitively The power and performance of A star is better than Spark .In fact A star is a class above Spark . The best competitor for Spark is a Alto in terms of a good car at economical price . The best competitor for A star is i10 for the price range features .When A Star was to be Launched people were expecting that it will offer tough competition to i10 , in which its a failure .

We recommend you to test drive Spark once .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2009

Guyz ...this place is provide suggestions , solutions to people like us...let s not confuse the world by sharing wrong info Mr. Munish Sharma . Chevy SPARK is superb product and i hv been using since last 1.5 has got performance ( power + mileage ) and the best looks . Thoough the cubic capacity is 1000 cc but the BHP is more than that of Santro & Wagon R ( by 1 unit ). As told by my fren Pirebhuoo , Chevy India is an independent identity and is cash rich and have plans for furtehr investment in India ( Assy plant in Pune and a power train plant in Pune , R & D centre at B'lore) and they are planning to launch 3 more models this year in different catgories. My verdict id for SPARK as it brings in frsh looks , style is also proven in JD Power Qaulity survey where is out classed all other cars in consecutive 2 years and with such a price its the best deal !!!

Answer by SACHIN SINGH 01 January 2009

Dear Pals,
Not even once have i criticised Spark! Cars ,like women, however, arouse jealousy among the male species. So, Sachin instead of getting senti pls. confirm how many weeks Chevvy Spark dealers take before delivering a new car.Maruti Suzuki is world's only company today which is standing tall even in these troubled times. Like Spark Fiat's Stile' is another good car in this price segment , but the question at the end of day is of customer satisfaction and availibility of service centres and here Maruti remains Unbeatable.So buy whatever u like ,but remember Maruti is the car which taught India how to drive !

Answer by Munish 01 January 2009

Hi frens ..I have criticized Munish's comments""Chevrolet is on the verge of bankruptcy in America and in india also it has temporarily given a break to production """ which is definitely an incorrect statement & i already justified that...and my dear fren Munish - just to tell u that the It was Maruti Suzuki's sales which were brutally affected during the diwali season ...precisely 26 % drop in sales YOY and that too including the bulk volumes of A star which were DUMPED into 2000+ odd dealers as demo cars ( Ref ET ) else this would have been nr to 40 % !!!, let us accept a fact that this is a global recession & none of the car makers r away from it !! As far getting senti is concerened , i don't get as i m a firm beliver of Factual approach in any decision making & no sentiments . And Munish further answer your question ""at the end of day is of customer satisfaction and availibility of service centres"" , i would suggest you to pls start getting exposed to some of the Global Quality measuring indices like J D Power IQS which has given a clean sweep to Chevy SPARK for 2 consecutive years ahead of the Estilo's, Wagon R's, Alto's, Santros, i 10's, Indicas......and this is the most respected and reputed Customer satisfaction index across the Globe which Maruti used to boast of in the media till they were receiving this year after year before Chevy arrived in India {feeling :( for Maruti) and remaining part " Service centres"" - to the best of my knowledge Chevy is there in almost 150 + cities and have plans further to increase this !!

Answer by SACHIN SINGH 01 January 2009

Dear Sachin,
Well i do appreciate the pains u have taken to explore sales data and the reason for slight fall in sales of Maruti is self-explanatory in ur statement that no company is untouched by flames of global recession today. Now the Spark question. Well admittedly there is no question to deny the overall appeal of this product , but...but inspite of all the inherent good qualities there are things which are kind of JINXED!! And this reincarnation of long dead Matiz is one such thing. Same engine in a cleverly-crafted exterior. Matiz was ,undeniably, a sturdy and compact small car but sadly Daewoo sank and so did Matiz. Instead of going by raw data i believe in power of common sense my dear and howsoever independent GM India may be, the American impact has to be there sooner than later. Recently it was reported that GM has voluntarily given a fortnight's break to its Talewada and one more production facility of Spark.I may be wrongly informed ,but i think there are many auto-pundits to bring out the truth . Till then u enjoy ur Sparky and im off to Himachal in my darling M-800 '93...vrrooooom!!

Answer by Munish 01 January 2009

Answer by Sachin Singh 01 January 2009

in my view and experience the spark is more bater than m800 , aulto , stealo zen . i am not technician or fineciel expert to criticise the state of company. i feel beter driving efort , interier space ,econamical spark is the best in his class

Answer by Nisha 02 February 2009

Dear Nishu,
Zen Estilo has been running successfully as MR Wagon in Japan for several years . Its engine specification is ditto Wagon R. Recently my friend did Calcutta to Almora in this wonder car! No doubt, Spark is a nice car ,but why don't u understant the availability of service issue?

Answer by Munish Sharma 02 February 2009
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