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Can I find a Standard 2000 made by Hindustan Motors, where can I find that car
By Siddharth 01 January 2009
Expert`s comment:

Please create an alert for the same .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2009

It will be very difficult to find one in any condition, let alone running condition. Also, it was made by Standard Motor Products of India Ltd (SMPL)and not Hindustan Motors.
Try and search in Car Trade and other such websites...

Answer by Sasi Menon 01 January 2009

You can call Mr.Rajeshwara Rao alias kitty in chennai 09884739954 specialist of standard 2000 or its orginal make rover from england he will assist you refer my name premanand

Answer by Premanand 01 January 2009

I have the car and all that u need to run the car

Answer by Madanan 04 April 2013

if you have the car contact me at

Answer by Ranjit 04 April 2013

Looking for standard 2000 car ..preferably ok condition.

Answer by Mohan 12 December 2015

needed standard 2000 in running condition

Answer by Prabu 01 January 2016

Anybody who need spares for standard2000 can contact me in 9840740207

Answer by Madanan 11 November 2016

Still searching for a Standard 2000 petrol or even dieselized one.. share any possible info.. even if its in bad shape

Answer by Arun 07 July 2017

Any one has the rover car in any condition do contact me on am ready to buy immediately

Answer by Bharath 02 February 2019

im interested to buy one in any condition

Answer by Ravi 11 November 2019
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