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What is the life of WagonR petrol engine in terms of km run?
By Kamlesh 06 June 2013

200000 kms easily

Answer by Shk 11 November 2014
Expert`s comment:

Wagon R can be comfortably used up to 80000 KM and later on major services would commence and with good maintenance it can be comfortably used up to 1.5 Lakh KM and more.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2013

Please suggest best CNG car in the range 5 +- 50, daily travel nearly 90 kms.

Answer by Mukesh Gupta 07 July 2016

I have lpg and petrol duo..currently 100000 Amd running smooth

Answer by Prabhu 07 July 2016

i think company fitted wagon r car is not good for engine it about 32000 km in engine connecting rod band and piston has broken due to CNG

Answer by NILESH DOSHI 11 November 2016


Answer by NILESH DOSHI 11 November 2016

My wagon R 2008 model has clocked 194,000 kms and by Gods grace no problems and running smooth. Of course I service it regularly and maintain it properly. With proper care Maruti cars can last long

Answer by SG 09 September 2018

What is the life of WagonR petrol engine in terms of km run

Answer by Prince 12 December 2018

My CNG Wagon R completes 135000 kms and still going fine. Giving 35 kmpl at 80 kmph and 38 kmpl at 70 kmph . Really great family Car.

Answer by ABHINANDAN 07 July 2019

I have zen estilo 2008 model. 75000km with petrol and there after fited cng Now it has completed 184000 km and still engine running smoothly and give milage upto 30 km/kg

Answer by Rk Dwivedi 08 August 2019

what is the Axel life of wagon r k series

Answer by Anurag Gupta 01 January 2020

I have used Wagon R with company fitted CNG kit for 5 years and 9 months covering a distance of 140000 Kms with regular authorized services. Now one cylinder is down.

Answer by Parmanand Dange 02 February 2020

CNG Lovato Kit has fitted since 2015 ODO 1500 KM running smooth today ODO reading 135000, Once head open for servicing, tyre changed, battery changed, front suspension changed, and regular service at 5000 KM, around Rs 2500 cost and running today very smooth, average ruuning cost Rs. 2perKm. Good Car But missed power of WagonR 1.1 Ltr engine.

Answer by Tejas 07 July 2020

I am using 2010 WagonR Duo Model. Originally the vehicle came with LPG, Later it was converted to CNG after use of 60000 KMs. Currently running hastle free at 176000 KM

Answer by Narendra Shaha 11 November 2020

My wagon r clocked 4 lakhs km and running

Answer by Saju Philip 11 November 2020

Maximum how many kilometres we can run the wagon r after the engine oil change.

Answer by Nagaraj 12 December 2020

Celerio VXI CNG engine life in km

Answer by Naveen Ydv 01 January 2021

My wagonR is still smooth and have good engine evenafter crossing 215000kms.

Answer by Sandeep 06 June 2021

My UK Wagon R has done 310,000. Still sounds as sweet as a nut. Had it from new since 2004 and took it with me when I emigrated to New Zealand.

Answer by Tim 12 December 2021

Car km hot WagonR vxi 2011 model

Answer by Rani Sripada Rao 02 February 2022

I have wegonar and I have drive 316000 km still no problum at all

Answer by Mithilesh Thakur 03 March 2022

316000Km with no problems. No problem in AC, Gear, Clutch, Suspension etc.,

Answer by Bala 03 March 2022

My wagonr lxi 4. Cylinder 2006 model has driven 264000 km , engine is fine , only steering and suspension changed j and k

Answer by Sammy 05 May 2022

My wegone r first run in petrol 50000 km then fitted LPG kit and use up to 85000 km , then change with CNG kit and at present 118000 km , engine torque dawn

Answer by Nilesh Trivedi 07 July 2022

My wagon R 2013 Model has so far run 240000 Kms, Regular service and maintenance has been able to keep my car still in a perfect condition, havent yet witnessed any issue yet

Answer by Dhirendra Shah 12 December 2022

My wagon r vxi 2014 model running 228000.Km . Good conditions run 145 km/ highway. I love my car.

Answer by Prosenjit Ghosh 03 March 2023
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