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Hi,I bought the all new honda city yesterday and the car manual says to use 91 octane petrol.even the dealer adviced me to use Xtra Premium petrol from indian oil.I would like to know whether power from hp and speed from BP are 91 octane petrol?I would also like to know what is octane number of the ordinary petrol available.Please help me out.

By SHANKAR S MENON on Jan 11, 2009


  • Hi shankar

    Answer is no. The speed is a 88 octane petrol. You need to go for a speed 93 or a speed 97 grade.
    I am not sure which city you are writing from, but all metros have BP pumps selling these premium grades. However they will be available in BP outlets available in upmaket areas only.
    Answer by Gopa on Jan 12, 2009

  • But is the use of Speed or Power (both 88 Octane fuel ?) supposed to be a bit bad for the Honda City engine? Does anyone know about what's Honda's recommendation or answer in this regard?

    Answer by Rajan on Jan 13, 2009

  • Hi Rajan,
    As per the manual if you use low octane petrol such as speed or power the engine performance wont be maximum and also there is a chance of engine knocking.Recommended is 91 octane,but if u cant get that u can use 88 octane..
    Answer by SHANKAR S MENON on Jan 13, 2009

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