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Hi I am in England, I have Peugeot car here, Can i take my car to india, How much would be the cost occuring on transportation,registration etc. by which mode i can take my car. sugg... Please.
By Tushaar 01 January 2009

I think you might be missing the main point: how will you go around in maintaining the car properly?
I'm not sure about the red tape in India, but I believe you MUST bring in the car through Mumbai port. Tramsport cost will depend entirely on your negotiation skills. Cheapest (and safest) is to get a 20' container, which you can then fill up with other stuff you want to move. Some get a container for $200, some for $1500, all depending on your contacts.

But first thing in my opinion is to check out (depending on where in India you're going to) if and where you can find spare parts and a knowledgeable mechanic. If that's not available, you won't be driving it for long. And if you have to order parts in the UK and fly them in each time, you're sure to get frustrated. I had a similar experience with a Yamaha bike for which model there were no spare parts available in Sri Lanka, and I had to get each part from Singapore. With Peugeot the situation (and distance) could be much worse.
If you need some off-road driving, why not compare your Peugeot option against a Tata Safari (quite comfortable + 4WD + Indian make with mechanics and spare parts all over the place).

Answer by Alfonso 01 January 2009

personally i dont feel its a great idea to bring the car to india.....mainly due to maintenance issues and the availability of spares!!...and moreover its a Peugeot could never sell in india!!

Answer by PAUL 01 January 2009

seems lyk fools are answering to ur question....

hi tushaar, im tarun, im also in england.. 1st of all i must tel u dat peugeot cars r available in india as well, but mostly in metro cities and about transporting, u cud hv to pay upto 100% duty for exporting it to india..which is not a gud idea, if ur car is new and the same model is not available in india den u shud thnk abt exporting it, otherwise u can buy any imported car in delhi..

Answer by Tarun 01 January 2009

Hello Tushar,
I am Praveen, working as assistant manager-operations,north india, Writer relocations.
we are into relocations, packing and moving of household goods and autos and bikes.
I will need a few details from you before I can advise on logistics and procedures--
1. Are you holding a foreign passports or indian passport

2. Holding a PIO card??

3. Planning to return to India for settlement??

4. Only car will be shifted or some personal effects also.

5. details about the car--old?/ used?? year of purchase??

6. should be right hand drive.

Car can be brought in via sea or air.
we can provide end to end services, in U.K. and in delhi. Complete formalities in U.K. and in Delhi.

New delhi.

Answer by Praveen Verma 01 January 2009

Goodday Mate

This is karan, i have lived all my life in India, but now settled in New Zealand.

I agree with Tarun. Now a days with the way india is opening its markets all the major auto brands finding spare parts would not be difficult. Delhi and Mumbia are the place where you can be sure to find to the spare and good mechanic . I am not too sure about Peugeot being in india coz its about 5 years since I went yo india. let me tell u that Peugeot did not have its presence in india 5 years ago i don't now if it has the same now.

Exporting a car india india can cost you more dear as the duty you will paying would be anywhere between 100-150% plus the cost of transporting the car can cost a few hundred ponds. exporting a car would be rather an expensive proposion. but If you are crazy about the car and money is not a problem for you let me ashore you that you can find good mechanic in india mainly in metros

I myself am planning to export a Mini Cooper to india when come back to India

Answer by KARAN Nandan 01 January 2009

hi tushar,
cum to india dear, will give you very good condition imported car which will fulfill your need...dont want to hide from you dat I deal in used cars at very competitive price coz of market position, will satisfy you by giving you the good condition car..if interested thn cal me at 0091-11-9910405251..

Answer by Dipanshu 01 January 2009
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