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I want to buy i10. I want interst free loan. Can anyone help me?
By Murtuza Painter 01 January 2009

yes yes y not,? go in a bank wid 1 ak47 and then they wil not only loan but gud money and a gud house to stay wid abt 1000 friends. ok,,? bye

Answer by Ddd 01 January 2009

Try to get bigist order for painting Largest Building, you may able to buy the car easily.

Answer by Ramakrishnan 01 January 2009
Expert`s comment:

The only method of getting intrest free loan is to borrow from friends/ relatives and pay back later.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2009

Dear First Deposit 3lacs in my hand so that i will provide u intresr free loan
or else stay down at Bandra Flyover no nnedof loan

Answer by Guru 01 January 2009

Mr. M.Painter,
I want loan that is instalment free!
Can you help me?

Answer by Pirebhuoo 01 January 2009

Dear you want intreast free in this GLOBAL CRISI.Then only one person can help you dear.
Your FATHER IN LAW who gave his daughter Free for you.Have some common sense dude

Answer by Psyco Sidz 01 January 2009

I want a car for free..can anybody help me

Answer by Kush 01 January 2009

If ur in mumbai, i can help u to get i10 and a good loan schemes. u can contact me on 9324446358

Answer by PANDEY 01 January 2009
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