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I would like to know how would you compare the new i 20 vis-a-vis the Swift. Feature by feature and overall feel

By Sanghamitra on Dec 30, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    i20 will offer tough competition for Maruti Swift .it has good body style , inside space is good ,dash board of i20 is attractive , Power of i20 is slightly less than Swift , i20 tail lamp looks like a copy from swift. The extra airbags provided in i20 boosts safety feature .overall i20 has all features to take on Swift .However the actual performance of i20 on road will have to be considered for final verdict.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Dec 30, 2008

  • no comparison with swift. i20 has same engine of i10 kappa, 80 ps power with 1.2L kappa, only body change and extra airbags. swift is the best car in terms of reliability, power, fuel efficiency and tested grip on the road and also good running balance and stability on highways even on the Himalayas and lastly maintenance is negligible.pls remember cars are good only from few countries firstly from Germany and then from Japan and then from rest of the companies like GM, Volvo, Ford etc. etc...... from their respective countries........................
    Answer by Suresh on Dec 31, 2008

  • hey this is a tough competetion you had chosen but i think a swift will be a better option as it has attractive looks and the interiors is mind blowin.enjoy drivin swift dzire if it suites ur budjet
    Answer by Puneet Dhanuka on Dec 31, 2008

  • It's beautiful to drive desire
    Answer by Varinder Vasal on Apr 16, 2015

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