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intrested to buy palio 2003-04 model. priseshould be below Rs.1,00,000/-.mail me if the vechile is there.
By Anil 12 December 2008

Good choice & good luck with the car. I have a 2003 Palio ELX, but wont sell it for anything less than 1.75 lacs. I am not looking to sell my car, but trying to give you perspective. Happy hunting anyways and do write back once you get a deal with the details.

Answer by Yusuf 12 December 2008

dear mr anil -hello - i have " FIAT PALIO " 1.2 EL- MAY 2003 modle - ran only 34000 km - new battry of BOSCH - single hand driven- offecial "LPG KIT" fitted { lpg tank - wheel shape - fitted in stapny room } power stearing , power break most probably with ABS system ,saifty air bag on stearing & with prime lucky i.e.7786 & i am the first owner & my expectation is between Rs 1.25 to 1.50-lacs-- if you are intrested please contact me through car wala .com - all the best .

Answer by Dr Anand Verma 12 December 2008

Dear Mr.Anandvarma,

Can you provide me some details like registration of the car, insurance etc.

Answer by RAVI 12 December 2008

Dr.Varma, i am also interested plz tell location of car, regi and color.

Answer by Sunil 12 December 2008

DEAR FRIEND -HELLO ,in refrence of your quiery-here is the answer - colour - silver , -
m p o4 ha 7786 ,third party insurance valid till Dec. 2009 ,& i am based at Bhopal { m p } so my car is also there with me .

Answer by Dr Anand Verma 12 December 2008

90k it will do?

Answer by Sunil 12 December 2008

DEAR MR SUNIL - thanks for your intrest - i have already shown my expectations - i.e. between 1.25 to 1.50 lacs--

Answer by DR ANAND VERMA 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

A Fiat palio with good condition can be bought for 1.75 lac minimum .There are few 2003 palio available for 1.10 lac negotiable to 1.0 lac but wont be in condition.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008

Dr. you have know market condition of used car, my offer is good, plz think positively..! thanks for reply, all the best

Answer by Sunil 12 December 2008

dear mr sunil- hello - thanks for reply- ofcourse i know the condition of used car market- but due to some saifty features provided by 'fiat' in 'palio el-1.2 -it is being rated bit higher then other used cars of this segment - these features are now available only in new modle this fact you can check on 'net '-rest you are the best judge to look for your need , priorty , choice & budget -- all the best .

Answer by DR ANAND VERMA 01 January 2009
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