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Is it worth to buy a car of General Motors, my doubt is if the stop manufacturing then spareparts will not be available in the market.How to cope up this.
By Shankarnarayana 12 December 2008

Hi Shankarnarayana,
As for your main concern of GM stopping their manufacturing, this would not happen soon. If at all they look at winding up operations, it would take them a time span of 2 years or more. Also where you are concerned about the spare parts, don't worry, you can get those in the local market if they are not available at the local dealers. Why don't you consider other vehicle manufacturers if you are doubtful about the company itself ?


Answer by Vishwanathan 12 December 2008

U must go for Maruti Szuki's product ,It will give you better prices for used cars also

Answer by VINOD 12 December 2008

ur doubt is correct. if u buy this type and after using 2/3 years when u will resale than dealer will ask the price @ scrap price.. so my advise that why r u not buying good running models. it may some xtra pricethan a failure ,stopped model but gives peace of mind.

Answer by Gautam Chand Jain 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

Dont worry about future of GM in India .No doubt GM facing crisis in US but its well established and has good backup funds and a promising future in India.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008
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