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Hi, I want to purchase a second hand opel corsa gl 2003 . Pl. tell me about the mileage of the car & about the maintanance.
By Milind 12 December 2008

Mileage - 10/11
Price 2.5 Lac 2002 Sept Available.

Army Officer Owner - 50K mileage

Excellent condition

Answer by Kanishka 12 December 2008


Answer by PPPPP 12 December 2008

i have opel corsa royal.2001.good codition,not thatmuch maintananace. german engin.smooth driving.lpg kit fitted. black colour 46000km driven. 180000 expectation

Answer by John 12 December 2008

Much costly, go for petrol, Maruthi car easy and cheap to maintanace.

Answer by Ganesan 12 December 2008

Hi Milind,
Can I ask you why a second hand opel corsa gl 2003(So specific ?).Have you seen this vehicle or have you an option of 3-4 cars you have seen and this one is on top of your list ?
1)Mileage of the car is just about average- with A/c milage of 9 can be expected
2)About the maintanance - If its a single owner and not much used then u would not have to spend much on restoring the car.But availability of parts is a big concern.Ask the Authorised service center about the parts and their costing in your city.

The car is smooth to drive and if it is well maintained,the body line is neat, service history s maintained and you are satisfied, GO AHEAD.


Answer by Vishwanathan 12 December 2008

Milind:My sincere advise,dont touch opel corsa even if given free.general motors has the habit of discontinuing cars Opel brand discontinued in India and replaced by chevrolet brand ie spark,aveo and optra,Parts are costly,difficult to find and the car is very expensive to maintian,even if a person gives it to you free and performs your aarti dont touch it.Go for maruti or hyundai brand which are cheap to maintain and have good resale value,

Answer by Dr Padmanabhan 12 December 2008

hii m having opel corsa 2002 the car iz very royal car,color is black,u cant find such a car in a market with a brilliant,and u can get the parts in chevrolet showroom easily,if u r interested thn call me 9703168211

Answer by Faris 01 January 2009

Please,Please.Do not touch a corsa.even if they give it to you free,do your aarti,and adopt you.the car has been discontinued by general motors and in some time,no parts will be available and it would be a nightmare maintaining it.

Answer by Paddy 01 January 2009

if a person knows about car and its driving confort opel corsa is the best, about petrol,
average is less, maintance cost is not that high,parts are avaible localy in mumbai

Answer by JOHN 01 January 2009

i have it with me..delhi registration...good condition..will give you at very nominal price..if interested thn cal me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 01 January 2009
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