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Please compare and suggest the best between Hyundai I10 - Kappa and Maruti A-Star
By Bala 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

i10 Kappa has all good features better than A star including body style, engine performance

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008

a. star is euro4 compalint eruo 5 means is latest techonlogy alreday in eruope now engine was kb series means aluminum engine and 996cc 67 bhp and dohc(dual cam shaft) direct ignation system and chain by drievenvh( nosie viderationand harsh ness reduced) this vechileand elv(end of life compalintvechile)
vechile high dergee of raw materials used in recycledlike harzodous|toxic chemicalslike mercury,lead, chromium, carbiumnot used in this vechile so is non poulation and green drive vechile stable widetreck low centre of gravity sppeed snstive power sterring air asstance in this vechilewas.03 onlyand interrior awas sclupited dash board integreated audio system and integreted remote key and kansui seating(apenses techonlolgy)large air damcrmision lighting andsporty techo pad andcock pit desginand short lenght gear handle and very good vechile u know 5hi fetures
1)19.6kms(arai tested) 2)kb series engine euro5redy 3)internatinal aerodyanmic styling 4)rediefinedpleasure 5)high degree safety standard
if u want more detali means plz call me my name is sabarish- 09701666032 iam working avansh maruthi in vizag plz cal me i will tell detail u have this type of featurews in i1o kappa tell e

Answer by Sabarish 12 December 2008


Just to add what my friend explained about A-star, I definitely agree that it has a very good engine but a small thing do we always buy a car with just keeping engine in mind.

1) Please see the kind of body maruti cars carry now a days even a mild punch, a bicycle, a motor bike if touches its body we have huge dent on the car. "A VERY LIGHT BODY"

2) A-STAR is only meant for people who have 5ft 3inches height at max because if you have exceeded the height it will be difficult time for you on the rear seat.

3) About the boot space oh marvelous even seems to be lesser than ALTO

I was actually waiting for A-STAR after it has been displayed in Auto Expo, but it was a big disappointment nothing similar to what they have launched. Even when I have visited the showroom the sales guy gave me a very stupid reason which was told to them in the briefing session of A-STAR, that it is only meant for college going people, even he was confused about that logic.

My friend buy any car but I am sorry to say that I don't think A-STAR could be a good choice. I am already owing 3 Maruti brand cars but ufff I think it's enough of Maruti.

Just give a look, chance & drive to chevrolet UVA as well, a far better car. Actually Maruti as a brand have a big blog in our mind which is a lot difficult to overcome. I had overcome this time you can also try.

Take care,
Arun Baweja

Answer by Arun Baweja 12 December 2008
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