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Sir I purchased 2000 Maruti Zen VX Model October 2012 as it is condition that time vehicle giving 9kmpl it is very low asking to mechanic he will do all changes to (Belts, air filters, sparking plugs and wheel alignment, oil change and serviceing also. after that mileage is not improve. what can i do i am expecting 13-14 in city please advise me
By Srinivas 12 December 2012
Expert`s comment:

As already servicing and related tings are taken care off, the problem could be in fuel supply system.Getting servicing of carburetor would help for getting better mileage

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2012

Check your tyre pressure and maintain it as per Company recommendation. It is mandatory to check tyre pressure atleast once a week. Post getting your carburetor serviced/cleaned, tank up with Speed premium petrol and check the mileage again.

Answer by Reeto 12 December 2012

It also depend upon how you drive.

1. You should remove your foot from the clutch after changing the gear.
2. Use less brakes and drive at an average speed of 60 KM, if driving in a city.
3. Switch off the engine, if standing at a red light crossing for more than 1 minute.
4. Use 5th gear if driving on a clear road..

Answer by Rajiv 12 December 2012

I m using maruti zen for last 14 years.I have used zenLX'98 carburetor model, ZenVX 1999 carburetor model, ZenLX 2000 Euro I complaint carburetor with attached valve and right now i am using zen 2001 Vxi mpfi model. I have noted none of the zen models gave me average above 10 or 11 kmpl with airconditioning on in the city and sometimes it drops to even 9 kmpl.
Keeping tyre pressure as per company manual of 24 psi(Will be written on sticker below door lock hook as u open drivers door)and near 14 to 16 kmpl on highways driving around 70 to 80 km/hr. speed continously with ac kept on.. Company guys or outside mechanics will tell u they can increase the average, But they will only retire the delco timings which will effect the pickup directly.Also correcting what the expert mr. shiv shamker has written, 2001 model r mpfi models and not carburetor model in zen. I am sure so please dont waste your time and money after mechanics to increase mileage above 10/11 in city driving and they will ruin your engine in settings and tunnings.

Answer by Mehul 12 December 2012


Answer by Anil 12 December 2012

Keep the fuel tank always almost full, fill up the fuel tank during evening or morning time. Use the clutch only the time of gear shifting and sudden use of brake.

Answer by Ratul Kumar Patowary 12 December 2012

zen vxi/lxi is not a high mileage car. All the talks r of bs1 or non bs version. So there is no way to get high mileage. But u can expect a great engine life with less vibration.

Answer by Sayan Ghosh 08 August 2013

Sir zen lx 2000 model is mpfi | carbonetor system ??? plz reply.

Answer by Sourav 02 February 2016

i m in need of:
- Door trims front & rear door new/old
-central locking.
-Throtle body

All above parts for zeen mpfi euro2
.model year 2000 vx
Kiindly advise price & availability
Thanks and regards.

Answer by S.Kamat. 03 March 2016

hello my zen vx mpfi engine i having 20kmpl in highway great milage, but some power loss why above 100kmph give grate power below 80kmph some power lossing

Answer by Chethan Kumar 06 June 2016

Yes I hv Zen vxi 2001 ECM with me it's used

Answer by Neil 08 August 2016

My no is 8281368563

Answer by Neil 08 August 2016

I have been using MAruthi Suzuki Zen 2001 MPFI Model for the last 16 years (re-registerd) and to my surpise this car gives me 20+ mileage in highway (with A/C on off mixed condiations) and 16-17 km/l in city. The car is still in showroom condition as I servicing my car on time.

Answer by Ranjith Ramachandran 01 January 2017

Which is the best zen model

Answer by Ibrahim 02 February 2017

I have need e.c.m. inaruti zen 2000vxi model...or old..e.c.m.relaring about any guidline plz help number 7710001018

Answer by Rohit 08 August 2017

Hi, I own a 2000 model zen with Carburator Engine. In city, I get mileage not less than 15 km per Ltr and in highway 17 km per Ltr with windows closed and without AC in both conditions. Tyres are filled up with nitrogen and will check air pressure - 34psi, once in 2 weeks. So there should be some complaint if not getting mileage 15km per Ltr.

Answer by Midhun 06 June 2018

dont press clutch While driving, when gear change press full clutch, drive in Economy Speed, Clear the Complaints SuddenIy, take Service clearly

Answer by Muhammad 10 October 2019

I have 2000 model Zen VX .mileage is getting 15.. Surely

Answer by Muhammad 10 October 2019
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