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Hi I am looking for a car 4 to 5 laksh. My monthly usage will be 600KM on well maintained road and another 600kms of village roads. my family consists of 4 persons. I always prefer a driver whenever i go for long distance. I want a fuel efficent / comfort car. Can u suggest me one? I want to know the fuel efficency of Indica Vista/ Safire/Aura.
By Rudra 12 December 2008

Indica will do well you u for the usage, but the low usage, diesel is not ideal.Have u tried the Fiat Adventure of Tata Indigo Marina, these are ideal to family & long drives. With a driver you will need space for 5 people. Adventure is a the best, but a bit expensive. Both these cars also have loads of luggage space too & are solid for country roads too. I have a Fiat Siena weekend, and I carry my kids Cycle & our pets too while on weekend outings !

Answer by Yusuf 12 December 2008

Hi Yusuf:

thanks a lot for your advice.

Answer by Rudra 12 December 2008
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