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I am planning to buy a diesel car. I am confused to go for Fiat Linea or New upgraded Hyundai Verna which is going to launch on January 2009? Any suggestions which one I should go?
By Vas 12 December 2008

I own a fiat palio 1.6 good cars but it has nigling problems and very very expensinve to maintain if your use is mainly in city then go for it spares are very difficult to get which applies to all fiat cars be v careful.

Answer by SANDEEP 12 December 2008

For the travel that you do,a diesel option seems to be best.My choice,go for the new Ford Ikon diesel..Its got the most trusted fiesta duratorq engine..Ford also gives a super warranty for 2 years..I just sold my swift diesel and brought this a month ago..and the car is a real treat


Answer by Kiran 12 December 2008

Why don't you see Ford Fusion '+' Diesel model.Test Drive and check it. I am using this vehicle from last two months and found very good.It has got economy,good height,enough space inside and good suspension. This car gives you SUV ish feeling.

Answer by Amit 12 December 2008

Dear Mr Vas,
Hyundai Verna is the best car in diesel.

Amit Garg

Answer by Amit Garg 12 December 2008

Thats a no brainer friend, go for the Linea. Fiat makes among the best cars you can lay your hands on for the price. The best thing that differentiates a FIAT are that they have clean lines, built vey well & give more value for moni than any korean or Japanese car. The real test is when you take the car on long drives. I have been using a Palio and I have had to spend all of 3500/- in 5 years. I am planing to buy the Linea myself.

Answer by Yusuf 12 December 2008

Hi Yusuf,

Thanks for the info. I saw Linea pics and it's good. Only thing I am worried is services, spare parts costs and whether it will become hit in Indian market or not. This is because I have to spend 9 Lacs for this car. SO I am in the confusion between Linea and Verna.

Answer by Vas 12 December 2008

I bought my palio in 2003. when i was looking to buy the car, the general feeling was to go a for a Maruti ZenAlto or Santro. I did not even go to a Fiat showroom initially. Then I hapened to visit a friend who had a Palio 1.6 & drove his car & I could instantly recognise the difference.In 2003, Palio & Alto cost the same, I cant imagine driving a Alto today while I take it to work every day. Forget about your concerns about Fiat & spareparts, its more of hearsay. You have a look at both the cars & the difference is there to see. The verna doesnt even look like it falls in the same category as Linea & honestly the Linea needs to be compared with a CorollaCivic & not verna. I trust you to make the right judgement & not get swayed by popular beliefrhetorics.Good Luck.

Answer by Yusuf 12 December 2008
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