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i have wagonr duo april 2008 model iwant to exchange my car with new tata indigo cs tdi is itcorrect dessicion or not
By RAMA KRISHNA 12 December 2008

ok.but having a new car not necessary

Answer by Veloo 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

It will not be worthy to exchange a car within at least one year of usage unless there is absolute necessity to do so.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008

change not necessary.1
.marthi is reliable vehcle 2.petrol become cheeper.3.wagan R DRIVING is very good for city roads.4.maintanance WR very cheap .maruthi can easy reparable even road side mec and service outlets available any part of india.

Answer by Veloo 12 December 2008

hi boss why u purchase loss and ater falurie this vechle indigo wagno i sgood veschle

Answer by Sabarish 12 December 2008

Finally you are thinking, its a bad thing to sell a card within a year, but its a decision you have to make whether you need to live with a mistake or mvoe ahead. I would anyday advice you to get rid a a vagon R for its safety is among the worst, may be next only to an Omni.

Answer by Yusuf 12 December 2008

well it is nice because tata cars are more spacious

Answer by Jaguarameya 12 December 2014
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