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Lot's of confusion with me I have 3 cars all from Maruti suzuki, want to buy a new car in a small car segment. I have selected 2 of them Swift and Chevrolet UVA..both of them have plus and minus like Swift alike maruti cars now a days have light body, low interior space when compared to UVA, low platic quality used & have heard lot of complaints when it comes to suspension...but has a good drive, smooth gear shift, easy availability of parts in the local market and the TRUST OF MARUTI AS AN NAME & COMPANY...UVA has costlier parts, less available parts in the market, a new name for me...but now here lies the catch I find it to be a much solid car, huge space with good leg room, feels like driving a sedan, heavy body type & cheaper than swift.. I WOULD SAY A MUCH BETTER FEEL THAN SWIFT... please do suggest as it's quiet confusing...My daily run is 75 to 80 km..
By Arun Baweja 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

Go for UV-A , nothing to worry about parts and service availability .Chevrolet cars are much better in quality than Maruti. After all what it matters is the customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008


Is there any effect that might come in India because of the bankruptcy that may happen to GM motors in U.S.. as there are lot of talks that if the same happens then they might shut down there operations in India, which might effect the resell, parts etc of the company over here in India. Please guide me on this..
Thank you.

Answer by Arun Baweja 12 December 2008
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