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i am offered a 2004 model hyundai sonata by its SECOND owner & he have quoted a rate of Rs.4,30,000/- with 65000 km run.How is this deal?is it worth taking or not?how can i judge the reliability of the vehicle?
By Vivek 12 December 2008
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The advantage of sonata is its appearance , space .Disadvantage is poor resale value .If maintenance and fuel efficiency is not an issue then its absolutely worth buying.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008

Which model is it? if is is the regular, S20 or Gold, then the market price is between Rs275000 to Rs 375000 depending on the condition. Only the V6 is at Rs 450000 to Rs550000. In my opinion not worth buying a car which has done 65000 km. The maintenance costs will be too high.

Answer by Dr Neel Chowdhury 12 December 2008

Good solid car. Take it out for a drive and see if you get plenty of power from the engine. Take it to a mechanic and check out the compression. Do not trust the odometer reading. Indians are famous for tampering with it. 65000 km is not a big deal. This is a big car, not a motorcycle. No worries about maintenance till well beyond 100000 km. Overall, nice car, very comfortable. Cheers!

Answer by B S Kumar 12 December 2008

Rightly said by kumar 65k kms is not a big deal,however 4.3l is to high a price to offer.Try to get a deal at 3.5l .adios...

Answer by Prabhu ML 12 December 2008

i want to buy your hyundai sonata, please send me a mail amd tell me how to make payment and how much is the cost


Answer by Tony 08 August 2010
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