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Hello! I have Ford Ikon (Petrol) which has done about 1.24L Kms since June 2003. Recently the engine started revving up and down without any accelerator input. It had happened earlier as well and found that vacuum tube connecting to the engine was loose. Once it was firmly reconnected, the problem vanished. Sometime later, while driving, I realised that my car's response to accelerator was very sluggish and it was not ready to move ahead despite pressing the accelerator pedal to fullest. I could hear whining sound of the air (may be intake). I checked the vacuum pipes again and found that the wall of pipe had lost its rigidity and the wall or the lining of the pipe was sticking together causing disruption of flow in the pipe. It was something like you press the water hose while water is flowing through it and pressing it would reduce the pressure of water at the end of the hose. So I got the vacuum pipe set replaced. In meantime the clutch and fuel pump was also replaced as fuel guage was faulty and clutch plate worn out. Now the problem still at hand is the engine is still sluggish. The service station finally did a last check of cylinder compression and found it below 8 (I don't know what unit was mentioned on the guage). I need help in understanding how the cylinder looses compression and how can I get back the zippiness of my car. I really love it and still don't intend to sell it. Thanks much in advance.
By Sharad 08 August 2012
Expert`s comment:

Considering the overall factors mentioned, problem could be due to worn out piston rings.The remedy is to get the complete engine overhaul done along with changing rings.Later on it can be used for more than 50K KM without much problems.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2012

Your car will not last long sell it immediately to me. i'll give u the best deal.

Answer by Ratan 08 August 2012

I too firmly believe that its d problem of worn out piston rings,like mr shiv shankar mentioned d car has done morr than a lac kms,it is not unusual.engine overhaul with change of rings would suffice for the next 70000 thousand kms,I guess.

Answer by Pawas 08 August 2012

intresting to find people who believe the car wont last long but still want to buy it and if its a rocam engine u do not need an overhaul at all its a ford not a maruti 800 .get a proper diagnosis at any authorised service centre ,.what i think either the iac valve which controls the rpm or the coil is weak and is not working properly .ikon have three common problems the fuel pump motor ,the ignition coil and the iac valve sensor.

Answer by Rajive 08 August 2012

Go ahead as follows
a) Check tappet clearance properly and adjust if required.
b) Check valve timing and adjust.
c) Do de-carbonisation.
e) Check brake cylinders ad calipers for jam. Simply check the wheels after driving around 15 kms. It should not be unusually hot.

The above checks should settle your problem.

Answer by M R Singh 08 August 2012

Sell it off

Answer by Raj 08 August 2012

your car is 9 years old and had already done 1 lakh km. Ford's engine is normally good for 1 lakh km only. go for a buyback with ford company itself and get a new one if you really wanted josh.

Answer by Karthik 08 August 2012

@Ravive - ROCAM engines came in only after 2006. Get it checked - online advise cannot replace an experienced mechanics skill.

Answer by Sudeep 08 August 2012

sudeep i can challenge u about ur knowledge about ikon 's engine rocams came wayback in year 2000 even the older ikons had rocam 1.6 and in 2003 rocams were introduced in 1.3 aswell in flairs .earlier the 1.3's had endura engines which was a push rod engine sluggish producing just 52 horses .,check wherever u want .the suggestion which ive given are absolutely correct and i would request the person to get his car checked anywhere .

Answer by Rajive 08 August 2012

ikon 1.6 petrol give a sound from engine when press clutch(in india)

Answer by Paramdeep Singh 09 September 2012

Just sounds funny when people portray themslces as experts and give stupid opinions as expert advise, someone said ford engine comes for 1lac kms, dude come out of your maruti.

Answer by Shreyas Mohandas 11 November 2013

I too having same problem where to get parts

Answer by NLN PRABHAKAR 05 May 2022
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