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Hi Sir, I want to know more about bank seized bikes and cars (in mumbai), I am planning to buy a used bike, I have been using HeroHonda Passion for last 4 yrs and want to upgrade it, so I have basic knowledge for tesing the condition of the bikes (although not as expert as any local mechanic). Could you let me know where would I find these bikes and is there any thing that I should look in for while buying those bikes.
By GAUTAM 08 August 2012

Any information that the experts would provide me would be really helpful.

Answer by GAUTAM 08 August 2012
Expert`s comment:

Dealing with Seized bikes and cars would be a risky idea of buying the vehicle.Finding it would be difficult as bank wont give details of seized cars/bikes till all procedures are over.Police seized vehicles wont be in good condition.
Better idea lies in buying used bikes from dealers and individual owners.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2012

Nice topic..even I wanted to know more about it and the place where I can check these bikes in mumbai

Answer by Bhushan 09 September 2012

i want to buy seized bike form e. pls. tell me when and wherei attend this type of aunction in gurgaon ya delhi ?

Answer by Vikas Kumar Singhania 10 October 2012

Hi Gautam, As the background of these seized bikes are unknow, i would recommed not to go for it. Rather u can get one of ur choice from trustworthy Auto consultants


Answer by Vivek 10 October 2012

MUMBAI guys.... even i am interested in it .... kindly let us know where to find such bikes ??

Answer by Amrut 10 October 2012

bangalore guys.... even i am interested in it .... kindly let us know where to find such bikes ??

Answer by Nagaraj 02 February 2013

me too... please share the details for Surat

Answer by Umesh 05 May 2013

Please tell me how and when the Banks conduct such sales in Delhi - NCR for cars ..

Answer by Rahul Arora 05 May 2013

Dear Gautam, Bank seized cars and bikes is not a good option for buying one for a personal use, because when you go to buy these cars from banks in India and especially Mumbai the auction Rules says that The Vehicle Will Be Sold As And Where It Is Condition, which means the bank wont give you a CHANCE for a TEST DRIVE OR A TRIAL ROUND and after you pay them the ENTIRE cash will they allow You to Start the ignition of the chosen vehicle, so then its your Luck Baby... who knows whether the Vehicle is Really worth the price or Not Worth the price.

Answer by MANOJ 01 January 2014

pls call me 8355920757 i want to know about bank seized bike.pls help

Answer by Imtiyaz Shaikh 08 August 2020

How to get this seized bike contact number 9087559089

Answer by GhAfOoR 03 March 2021

I just want to know how to buy in chennai

Answer by GhAfOoR 03 March 2021

Plz call i want to buy bank siezed bike in mumbai. My contact number is 9137487551.

Answer by Shamoil Azad Shaikh 04 April 2021
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