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How is UVA Chevrolet model as compared to Wagon R?
By Ashish 12 December 2008

Chevrolet Aveo UVA is a good car, its engine power is more than Maruti WagonR.
UVA is in 1.2L (76 bhp) Engine on the other hand WagonR is in 1.1L (64 bhp) engine, but Maruti WagonR is economical in mileage, overall running cost, maintenence. So after calculating ur budget before as well as after purchasing the car, u should purchase.

Answer by Amit Garg 12 December 2008

UVA is a superior car in terms of technology and comfort. But i reckon the cost of running is more than a WagonR, by a substantial amt.
But go for the UVA, the WagonR has passed its life in India, and unless ppl stop buying it, the company will never phase out the model. And if they do, which they should, in the next couple of years, u are stuck with a car which is out of production. :-)

Answer by Stormsearcher 12 December 2008

Hey, Hi
before buying any car its always good to consider few things.
fuel economy, car within your budget, flexible to drive with in the city roads and most immportant is the number of service stactions available all over & is resail value.
i better suggest you to go with Maruti WagonR when compared to all the above points.


Answer by Vimal Kumar 12 December 2008
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