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I want to purchase a new car my buget is 3lakh-7lakh. my car daily run about 60km. plz suggest me which car is best for me in comfort,resale value,low mantence,stylish
By Risham 12 December 2008

hello ,,,go for the swift disel it is the best option low maitenence and stylis also

Answer by Gajendra Shrivash 12 December 2008


Answer by Ketan Modi 12 December 2008

mitsubushi lancer diesel dude........i hav one its rocking...really low maintenence nd giving good mileage...nd i think its the most stlylish car in india which u will get for this money

Answer by Sivakrishna 12 December 2008

Risham,Since your daily use is in excess of 50km,I would strongly recommend a diesel car.The diesel prices are falling again and in a week's time,it shud be less than Rs 34/litre..
Now comes the other part..which car to buy?

One of the things u need to note is that diesel car by itself is not a low maintainence(compared to a petrol car)
Also,a lot depends on how u drive it and maintain it.
I have 2 diesel cars..One is the Swift VDI and the other one is my recent new buy Ford Ikon diesel 1.4..
I find the Ford to be extremley efficient..For a big car(sedan),the mileage i get in bad Bangalore city traffic i around 18-19/litre of diesel.Swift gives the same or a little less in city.
Also,for rs 615000 on road,The new ford diesel is a has everything..power windows,Very elegant biege interiors,power steering,central lock,fog lamps..A swift VDI will stillc ost us Rs 605000 on road and u buy a small car for that money and worse,with a wait period..
So,now..its left to u to make ur decision.


Answer by Kiran 12 December 2008

I suggest you buying a second hand car for your need. I would suggest you a Mitsubishi Lancer or Toyota Corolla - Petrol cars
If interested in buying one, you can call Pratik on 9320898896 ( Mumbai - New Mumbai - Thane registered cars)

Answer by Nishant 12 December 2008

I must say the Ford family of diesel cars are quite impressive, but if the BIG 3 in the US fold up, you never know how much volume Ford in India will have to have to keep you supplied with spares and good service. Still, the Ford is much more value for your money compared to a silly car like the Swift, which was originally built for performance and sporty handling, which only the petrol model can deliver. The Swift is not built as well as it should be for that kind of money.

Consider diesel, but do not ignore petrol cars for they are generally smoother, cost about the same to run in the long run, and give you the option of LPG conversion, which is very very good for a petrol engine, despite the shift of the torque curve. The choices you have in your price range are exhaustive, but if you drive a Honda, you're unlikely to be impressed with anything else. Even a well maintained second hand Honda could give you great value for your money (great mileage and superb driving), and you can use the extra money to convert to LPG if you feel like it, and use the interest to fuel your car!

Answer by B S Kumar 12 December 2008

you can buy Swift VDI; SX4; Ford Ikon diesel 1.4. you can go for swift diesel or ford ikon diesel. for looks SX4.

Good luck.

Answer by Raj 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

We recommend you to test drive Ford fiesta.There is good offer of Petrol version for 5.5Lac .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire ZDi
1248 cc, Diesel, Manual transmission, 5 seater
Rs. 7,09,222

Answer by Het 12 December 2008

first option MAruthi swift VDI ABS =590000
second Fiat palio multijet = 562000
third newford ikon 1.4 diesel = 591000

Answer by Balaji 12 December 2008
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